TWebBrowser session parameters


Im using a TWebBrowser component with D6 Enterprise.
I use it to log onto an email account. The problem is that when i try to open any link in a new window while im logged, the new window says: ure not logged in and i have to log in again from the start. It seems that the session parameters are somehow lost or not transfered between windows. Does any one know a solution 4 this problem? Some code would be nice. ;)
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What do you mean by 'to open any link in a new window'? Another WebBrowser.Navigate, current WebBrowser.Navigate(new link) or something else?

Regards, Geo
datalabddAuthor Commented:
I meant it so:

I have an email opened in TWebBrowser.
Now i right click on link contacts and choose open in a new window.
When this new window is opened, the session parameters are lost and i have to login again from the start.
If i do the same with internet explorer, Contacts are opened correctly in new window.
So, you're opening a new instance of Internet Explorer (or whatever your default browser is) with that link. You are no longer inside your WebBrowser or even inside your application. I don't think this could be done.
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datalabddAuthor Commented:
Hmmmm ... good point ...
Its written in the help file that WebBrowser is some sort of  wrapper 4 MS internet explorer. In my case Default browser is FireFox, but new window opens IE. So there must be some connection between WebBrowser and the new window that is opened. I still think its possible to achieve this.  But i might be wrong.
go to:

use the EmbeddedWB.
Delphi's TWebbrowser is rather limited.

both of them are based on ShDocVW type libraries (internet explorer).

I have never had any problems with having to relogin with EmbededWB (the program I made was running on around 400 internet terminals for a little over 4 years)

I think there is also a link on the page on how to spawn multiple browsers.
Molando, the problem is not in the WebBrowser itself but when opening a link from there using right-click popup menu item 'Open in New Window' which actually opens IE passing the link as a parameter. There is no need for re-logging as long as you're navigating inside the WebBrowser component.

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