Compatibility of CR 7 ,8.5 and 9 when used with VB application

We produced an application that bridges an ERP and a Scheduling package. When a report is required, we set a late binding call that 'looks for' a CR print engine. They tell us that verion 9 of CR does not use a 'print engine! We have never got involved in the CR side of things can you tell me what the issues are and what we have to consider if t hey are to able to use 8.5 or 9. They say they currently have CR7 to support our application and 9 to produce there new reports, bothon the same PC. CAn you shed any light on the issues?

many thanks

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CR9 reports will not be compatible with the CR7 engines since the file format changed.

With CR7 Crystal delivered a printing method that used the Crystal Print Engine, a dll.  Crystal 9 cannot use that dll.  However it does have methods of printing but your application will have to change significantly.

The CR7 display and printing dlls will not work with CR8.5 or CR9 reports.  Crystal made file format changes between CR7 & 8 and more extensive changes to allow unicode with CR9.  Also the licensing changed significantly between CR7 and CR9.

They can build the report in CR8.5 and save them in CR7 format but CR9 reports are not backwards compatible with previous version and cannot be saved in CR7 format.

Good luck
One addition. You can open CR7 report from CR( and save it as CR9) The report will be automatically upgraded to CR9. This is a great feature because you dont need to design the older version reports when making a switch

Also, have a look at this whitepaper on the BO site:

It discusses qualifying the ProgID to get the correct version (e.g. Set cApp = CreateObject("CrystalRuntime.Application.9").

There are several different methods of accessing the Crystal Print Engine, the most common between CR7 - 9 being the Report Designer Component, or RDC (craxdrt.dll and craxdrt9.dll).  CR7 - 8.5 supported others that are not supported by CR9, most notably an OCX component, and an automation server (CRPEAuto).  The other method that is supported by CR7 - 9 is the API, which uses API calls to crpe32.dll.  The API is considered deprecated in CR9, but it still works.

Do you know what method is currently being used?


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if you are using api, then this document should help you convert to rdc
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