Splitting Screens between 3 applications


Don't know if this is exactly the right area to ask this question in.  But I have an Excel application,  an internal company application and Outlook and I want them all to run concurrently and display on one screen. ( this is for users to fill out a spreadsheet using the other two applications as reference sources)

How can I fix it so that I can fix the area of a screen in which a appliaction displays?  I can mininize Outlook for example but when I do an Advanced find on a mailbox the results of the find overlap the minimized outlook?

Hope someone can help with this.


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Right-click the taskbar, then click Properties.   Uncheck the box that says "Group similar taskbar buttons".

That should be it...if I am understanding your question properly.
Oh...wait...nevermind.  I didn't understand the question.  I'm not sure there is a way to do what you are asking.
I think the only way this could be pulled off even close to what you're requesting would be with multiple monitors...  You wouldn't need performance video cards and monitors, however.  All you need is a bottom-of-the-line video card and monitor, because they'll just be for displaying data/information.  The monitors could be small, older, almost-retired monitors so that you can at least display the other two applications out of the way of the primary application, which is shown on the primary monitor.  This would prevent any overlapping issues, but would require more hardware...  I don't know of a way to do this with only software, unfortunately.
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AndrewMcLaughlinAuthor Commented:
There must be an easier way to do this from within the applications themselves - I know that I can use the minimize outlook and then size and that it will remember the last time the size was set.

I'm just looking for a way to do this programmatically.


f-kingIT support technicianCommented:
I think to do this,open all three programs one by one.
maximize each window so that it fills the screen,and the maximize button changes into a restore button,minimize that window when done,follow these steps for each program.
When all three programs are minimized,now maximize one of the programs and find an empty space on the taskbar,right click and choose tile windows vertically,all three programs should now be displayed at the same time.
If only two windows are shown then one of the windows is not maximized properly,all windows have to look the same.


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Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Try this.

Right Click on the Desktop
Click on the [Settings] Tab.

Play around with the "Highest" Screen Resolution that you have.

The Higher the Screen Resolution, the smaller the apps become
( But also the smaller the text, and the sharper the eyes need to be, so do not go to small. (To BIG) )

If you are able to go Above: 1024x768
Then you should start seeing the apps shrink.

Have all Apps, Setting like your want them
The start playing with Resolution,
1 - settings change at a time.
And see what everything looks like.

If you cannot get over "1024x768"
Then think about getting another video card.
It will be cheaper then getting 2-extra monitors.

Take Care. And HTH. It should as I have done it some many times, programming software.

Take Care
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Thanks for the Points.

Take Care
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