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Hope someone can help with this.
I need to force log-off to every one in the domain at a specified time everyday.
Actually, I would really like to force log off after a couple hours idle time, but I didn't think this one was possible.

Thank You,
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Just set logon hours in the user's profiles:

In AD users and computers....on user accounts...click on properties and then click on "account"...there you will see a tab for "logon hours".

In 2003, you can highlight all the users in an OU at the same time and make this setting for all of them at once.
"Actually, I would really like to force log off after a couple hours idle time"

You can do this with the Winexit screensaver provided in the server 03 resource kit

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Donnie4572Author Commented:
Thanks for reply.
This could be a problem since I do not want to prevet log-on but just to kick them off the system.
Suppose someone is working at the time I forced a log-off. Then, I need to allow that person to log right back on.

Is there a way to accomplish this without GP?
Set a short period during which the user is not allowed to be logged on. You can do it in 15 minute increments, maybe less (not currently somewhere I can check).

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Have you looked at Windows Control?

With the winexit screen saver that I mentioned...this can force a loggoff and won't prevent them from logging back on.

Other than that...I'm not sure of a way unless you go to thrid party software.
There is a simple solution to force logoff users from domain:

- on domain controller run "START\Settings\Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Computer Management"
- expand "System Tools"
- expand "Shared Folders"
- select "Sessions"
- now you can press F1 key to see help topics, check topic "Shared Folders\How To\Disconnect User or Users" for details and command prompt operations; or
- from main menu select "Action" and "Disconnect All Sessions"

You must be a member of the Administrators or Power Users group to use Shared Folders.


If you disconnect users who are accessing shared resources, they might lose data. You should warn connected users before you disconnect them
If you want to daily schedule logoff operation, write simple .bat or .cmd file using command prompt syntax of "net session /delete" and add it's execution in "Control Panel\Scheduled Tasks" panel. Good luck.
Donnie4572Author Commented:
I suppose I will have to use aflockhart suggesstion. I guess because it will take the least effort on my part.
Thanks for all the comments I could use any one of them so I will split points.
Thanks again,
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