Frame Relay: PVC has been reset but nothing recorded in log

As stated in the subject, I have seen this couple times that all PVCs on the same physical interface (e.g. s0) were reseted, but could not find anything in the log showing the status changing of s0. Typically, there should be something in the log, such as "interface s0 status down...." and ".....up", as well as "protocol  down / up". But I swear, I didn't see it at all in the log in some cases. Log is not full, it listed events before the PVC reset.

Q1: Could PVCs reset while the interface is up? What's causing this? LMI error? Any command can show this?

Q2: Could it be the log missed the event so didn't record the status changing of s0?

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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Yes. A PVC is a "virtual" circuit. It exists independent of the physical interface. PVC's can be added, deleted or reset without your serial interface knowing it. Your router is receiving the information through LMI messages though. I would suspect the frame-relay provider is working on the PVC.


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robinluoAuthor Commented:
Well, as a matter of fact, I work for the FR provider and monitor all client's nodes. When this kind of things happened, our folks who looks after the circuit never see any error on their end. In other cases, if log does catch event of interface down / up, there is always alarm be seen on circuit side.

Donjohnston, I think you are right that this is a layer 2 issue, although most of the L2 error I've seen was caused by L1. But apparently the case in my question is exceptionist.

Thanks for your input.
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