Datagrid date column format


I am using VB and ASP.Net and have a stored procedure that returns either a null or a date.  I have tried formatting the date as {0:yyyy-MM-dd h:mm tt} but when there is no date returned (as happens in some rows), it defaults to 1900-01-01....

How do I put conditional logic on this?  I am currently populating the grid as follows:
            DataGrid1.DataSource = sqlcmd.ExecuteReader

Appreciate the help.

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Hi porter416,

i suggest you to work in this case with ItemDataBound event
there you can determine if you will output a date or not depending on the value for the current record

here is an example ( it is based on datalist, BUT it is absolutely the same in your case with datagrid - just change
DataGridItemEventArgs )

try this ... u could use the isnull for the date field in the SQL statement that is used to retrieve the values from the database ..
select isnull(mydatefield, ' ' ) as mydatefield from mytable
this will ensure that an emplty value is returned instead of a null .. just check how the formatting behaves in this case ..


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porter416Author Commented:
Both were great answers and the second 1 was simpler and ultimately the 1 I used.

Thank you both.
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