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I have a Dell Optiplex g1 (350mhz, 256mb ram) and about 50 random modems, from external 33.6 to internal (internal are probally winmodems, though).....We want basically like a call accounting system....All i need to know is how i can have openbsd answer a modem (probally the external), play a wav over the line, wait for user input, maybe play another wav or take in more input, and/or transfer the call ("flash", all i need to do is drop the line for 1/2 second for it to do that tho) basic question is how can i interface with the modem? send commands, recieve commands, recieve voice, send voice, etc.....I am willing to do this in any OS BUT WINDOWS. I would like to use OpenBSD, but i am not opposed to freebsd or netbsd or possibly linux. Thanks
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As first effort you need external serial VOICE modem, others will not work.


marked as broken on OpenBSD, but should work on FreeBSD

they do not play wav files, wav files are riff wrappers for many codecs, sothere is no universal playback tools, but modems will be able to play/record sound...

best start with faster/newer ones, consider latest firmware for them

ZyXEL uses AT+FCLASS=8 to initialize voice-only mode and AT+V commands, and have good documentation, but you may succeed with other....

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fcislerAuthor Commented:
thanks gheist
I'm locked into government approved sites, mainly tiger direct and pc does this modem look

seems like it would work fine to me...

Have you had any experience with this program?
Thanks Again
fcislerAuthor Commented:
Or possibly this one,

I have three of these in the back room....i'm trying to find an approved site that carries the ZyTEL, but im not able to so far
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USR looks quite overpriced in that site......

this $24.99 looks quite fine... though looks like toy it is normal Rockwell/Conexant chip based full modem ( not winmodem ), cheap, thus popular.
You can buy 4 different at price of competing product to have a choice ...
Once it normally dials and detects carrier on line, all other features work too.

This doc. will be very handy ( ones that made my modem if yours do not offer this document) : ( at the end of page -AT command manual)

Zyxel or USR are not required by any means, I simply understood you have truckload of older modems in your room, so I suggested to dig up fastest ones or those made by zyxel, to get higher quality, but rest are very likley to be fine.
Here is a site for that comes close to what you are describing:

It basically utilizes what was stated above with vgetty, but has additional info on converting wav files.    You could setup scripts to convert any wave files on the fly and play them, if your wave files are going to be changing quite frequently.

fcislerAuthor Commented:
thanks guys...vgetty is doing partially what i want, but i think i'm going twards a c program that can do all my call accounting....vgetty may work if i could find ANY software to make a .rmd file....oh well....thanks for the help
vgetty distribution contains files to convert to/from rmd files:
pvftormd anc wavtopvf
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