"Error performing inpage operation"

As far as I know, this error usually happens on disk drives "ie: bad floppy disk" or what-not but here is my situation:

We have a program loaded on a novell server (dos based program) and 200 users access this program from the server. One user is getting this error. Out of the 200 users here he is the only one so it must be client-side. The error again is

"C:\documents and settings\...etc
Error performing inpage operation"

any ideas?
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This can be related to network connection, especially to phisycal part (bad cables, routers, hubs/switches or just hub/switches ports). Try moving the computer to another network port.

Verify the hdd of the affected computer, and verify the free space there.

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This is a problem I have crossed upon in a WAN setup with 1500+ users. This is network related and the problem is the MTU size.

Extract from Microsoft Knowledgebase:
Additionally, errors caused by network connectivity can cause these errors. Mismatched MTU sizes or truncation of a packet at a router can result in this error when files larger than the largest packet size are copied over the network. In essence, the network connection is the media that has the physical


This is most likely a router in your case, it was in ours.
My answer could solve the problem too. This type of error can be related to hardware or software. If no feedback...
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