back porting from DB2 UDB V8 Unix to DB2 v7.2 on zOS


We performing backporting of one of our applications from
DB2 UDB V8 Unix to DB2 v7.2 on zOS.

Can somebody say, if the following queries make sense on
DB2 v7.2 on zOS? At least several of syscat views we are
using seems not to be available on DB2 7.2 on zOS.

There is a full list of queries we need:

1) select schemaname from syscat.schemata order by schemaname

2) select tbl.tabname, tbl.tabschema, 'BASE TABLE', tbs.tbspace
from syscat.tables tbl, syscat.tablespaces tbs
where type = 'T' and tbl.tbspaceid = tbs.tbspaceid and tbl.tabschema = :user
order by tbl.tabname"

3) select colno, colname, typename, length
from syscat.columns
where tabname = :table and tabschema = :user
order by colon

4) select constname, tabschema, tabname, definer, refkeyname,
reftabschema, reftabname, deleterule, updaterule, fk_colnames, pk_colnames
from syscat.references where tabname = :table and tabschema = :user

5) ALTER TABLE ownerName.tableName ADD CONSTRAINT Constname
FOREIGN KEY Fk_colnames REFERENCES Reftabschema.Reftabname

6) ALTER TABLE ownerName.tableName DROP FOREIGN KEY FK_Constname;


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i think you have to query the sysibm tables in zOS
davidgorAuthor Commented:

It's nice comment :-) but what tables do I need?

In addition, on Unix we have used syscat views which are views for
sysibm tables.
this link explains all the catalog tables in Z os:

in unix windows, the catalog table setup is different, the syscat views are available, but you can still query the sysibm tables


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