Compaq Deskpro EP BIOS in safe boot mode , flash needed.

I took off and put back the battery of a Comaq Deskpro EP computer and the BIOS seems to have died. Now it will not boot nor display anything on the monitor. I used to hear a series of beeps which i identified using a manual as a BIOS missing alert. I learned from the same manual that the computer is in a BIOS Safe boot mode or something and that I need a BIOS disk to flash it again. I got the disk, put it in the drive, turned on the PC and nothing. It never gets readed. Nothing happens.

¿What can I do? ¿Is there any support expert around who's had  the same problem?

I'm desperate because it's a client's computer and he needs it back like now.


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Hi raindog mx,
long ago i had a kind of compaq deskpro with the same trick,,,
what's all about:the BIOS is installed on the harddrive(BIOS has it's own partition/bios-partition on the hdd) ,so if you want to make a BIOS update -this means ,you must change the info on the hdd,it's not a can you plug out the hdd and try it on a second machine - you will find on the hdd the usual partitions + one special partition-it's not so big-just a few MBs .In this very partition is your BIOS -installation-your real BIOS .So what i could at the first time suggest:
!!!First make a backup of all sensitive data ,which was on this hdd!!!
Unplugg the hdd from the compaq machine and try to erase the disk with Partition Magic or something else ,which has a support for theese kind of partitions,on an another pc.
Afterthat i'll suggest that you remove all other devices from the mainboard(compaq):pci-devices,cd/dvd-roms etcetera...
Only ram,cpu,graphic card must be presented on the mobo ,then !!! take the power cable out !!! ,remove the battery and then clear the CMOS with the jumper-there you'll find a jumper on the  mobo for the job ,,,you must wait for a cople of minutes-5 minutes is OK,put the battery back and afterthat wait for 5 minutes;if you have made all the jobs then put the jumper on it's right position,,,erase all data on the hdd(it would not be presented on the compaq mobo during the jumper-killing-CMOS-process!);i mean attach the hdd on a second machine /pc as slave and erase all data.Run the compaq deskpro without an hdd -you must see the compaq screen and then it will give a message for avaiting BIOS installation,shutdown the pc and attach the hdd if all ok ,then you must receive the compaq screen again and you must press F10 or anather F-type button for bios installation(there must be a Floppy-disk-drive presented on the system;but pay attention it's a liitle different from the other floppies so make the plugging/unplugging of the floppy drive carefully)if you have the right floppy disks!!!very importaint! for this deskpro and it's bios then you must be able to install the BIOS on the HDD; you'll receive dialog-menues to make a new partition on the erased hdd and then for installing the BIOS,,,
see,i have a friend of mine and we made this tricky installations long ago together -so i'll ask for better suggestions and i'll post them straight away, when i'm ready !
Good Luck !
Hope this could also help!
As i said, i'm not sure ,cuz i did it long time ago, but i think i'll find a solution.
raindog_mxAuthor Commented:

that's just too complicated.. i'm afraid if I try to do it it might blow my very own bios. Let me see if I got it right: I'm supposed to erase the whole HD or just the little weird partition? And what if the partition doesn't exist because I remember when I installed Windows 2000 the setup program only showed one. I'd really like to avoid erasing everything.

hope your friend has more info.

thank you so much,

you can get a bios chip here :                              replace bios                                        "          "                  recover BIOS
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raindog_mxAuthor Commented:
thank you nobus, but I don't think that'd be an option for me now.
things are for you complicated but i have spoken to the right man and he told me that all the things i have written to you are the best decision.
Please,try them out ant make your comments!
The problem is ,,,the pc is not infrond of me :) i mean if i could try the things out then you woldn't waiste your  time,but this ,which i wrote to you must be in help!
I'm waiting for your comments!!!
raindog_mxAuthor Commented:
Ok. Thank you. I'll try to do it but I didn't understand if i have to wipe the whole hard disk.
yes you must wipe the whole disk,cuz when you only wipe the special partition then it could be that there would problem occure if you want to make a new one.
Make a backup from the sensitive data ,and wipe the whole disk -this i my suggestion,,,
And make the jumper-CMOS-killing-trick.
As a suggestion try with Partition Magic /bootable disks if you will recognize all the partition on the hdd and then wipe the whole disk.
I'm waiting for your comments!
Good Luck!
PS:but if you erase only the windows partitions and the old BIOS partition still exists ,then you didn't made your job-wipe teh whole data!
raindog_mxAuthor Commented:

We tried everything from your suggestions to yelling at it for months until by chance we found out that it was a shortcut elsewhere inside the frigging computer, we solved it by shaking the computer around everytime it failed. Yes you can LOL. So long for branded computers, an assembled box has never given me this kind of problems.

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