Confirming that a message has been sent via CreateObject("CDO.Message")...

I know I can set up a CC or BCC value (CC/BCC the person who needs to know) to truly confirm that an email has been sent, but besides that, is there code I could add after the Send function that would display a confirmation message stating that Send worked?
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You mean, other than just showing a confirmation page like this?

...mail code
...mail code
...mail code

response.redirect "confirmSent.asp"


This, obviously, redirects the user to a confirmation page directly after the object's send method is called.  Of course, you should do object cleanup, etc. for the mail object, etc., before you redirect...but I think you get the point.


This should work

' Create your mail object myMail
' set up values

    err.clear                           ' clear any errors
    On Error Resume Next       ' skip errors
    myMail.Send                     ' try the send

    IF Err <> 0 THEN            
       response.write "success"
       response.write "fail"
    END IF

    Set myMail = nothing



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Len, just curious:

Will this work?
IF Err <> 0 THEN

or do you need to specify Err.num, like this (i.e., maybe both work; just not sure if "num" is the default property of the error object)?
IF Err.num <> 0 THEN

Just curious.  Definitely better than my solution: "Redirect whether it worked or not..."  :-)
Hi Phil

yep number is the default

but in fact  Err = 0 would be a success.... its a bit late it the day :)
lol, it is indeed!

Len, thx for the good info re: the default property for the error object...obviously, I never knew it (I've always just used err.number).

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