Full Text Search Doesn't Find Documents in View

I have a view that lists all documents in my database. I also have indexing on the database set to "Immediate". When I add new documents, they show up in the view, but the full text search doesn't find them, even the next day. If I manually update the index, it also doesn't find them, but if I delete and then re-create the index, the search will then find them.

This database has been in production for several years, and it was working fine until about a week ago. We are on Domino version 5.

How can I fix this? Thank you! Mike N
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SOunds like you either have corruption inthe index, or a very slow server.

Note that when you "manually" update the index, you are basically adding an index request to the server';s index queue, which doesn't always get processed immediately, and then when it does occur, the process to update the index can take some time.  A better way to check if you are having real index problems:

Add a few documents to the database
Go to the physical server console or open a live console session
Enter console command LOAD UPDALL -F nameoffolder\nameofdatabase.nsf

Watch for the messages Index update process started, Index update process shutdown.  Look for any errors that occur in between.  While it is running, if you issue the server command SHOW TASKS you shoudl see an entry like this somewhere in the middle:
Indexer                 Full text indexing documents in nameoffolder\nameofdatabase.nsf

After a successful index update process shutdown, you shoudl be able to search for the new document (you may have to hit F9 in the view to refresh the view so it shows the new document -- full text query results are a combination of finding the documents and matching the document list up against the view to display the result).
MikeN1949Author Commented:
Thanks, qwaletee!

In the meantime, someone else suggested that I
a) delete the index
b) run compact -B on the database
c) recreate the index

so I have tried that and am seeing if it works. I'll let you know, but it may take a day or two.

Cmpact -B will probably not solve your problem. Compact -C might.  Neither usually solves full text index issues.  -B just eliminates white space where possible.  -C completely rebuilds the database structure -- sometimes solving pointer or other corruption problems.  However, if the problem was database corruption, you probably would see more issues aside from the "no updates to full text indexing" problem that you describe.

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MikeN1949Author Commented:
Okay, thank you. I'll be away from the office until next Monday, and so far I haven't heard whether it worked or not. As soon as I do, I'll let you know. If I'm still having problems, I'll try compact -C. Thanks!
MikeN1949Author Commented:
Sorry to take so long to follow up on this, but I've been away for a week and before that we were trying different things. I think we finally found a solution:

a) I deleted the index in the database
b) I made a new copy of the database (when I did this, I noticed that one document didn't come across)
c) I created a full text index over the new database and put that one into production, replacing the old one

So far, that seems to be working. I assume the problem was some sort of corruption, but nothing else seemed to fix it.
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