Win2K Sever Hangs up deleting any files

Any time I delte a file from my Win2K Server SP4, it goes to 100% finished (blue progress bar) and just hangs there for minutes.  This locks up the window that I deleted the file from until the deletion box goes away.  If I access this server from another computer on our LAN and delte a file or folder, it deltes immediately without any hangups.  

Any Ideas?
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Well, one difference is that when you delete files locally, they go to the recycle bin.  Deleting over the network circumvents this.

To see if your recycle bin is having issues, hold down the shift key at the server when deleting a file.  This is a hard delete (doesn't send it to the recycle bin).  

I'd run a chkdsk /f either way to attempt to fix any possible issues with the disk (you may need to reboot for this to run).

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ohmErnieAuthor Commented:
The recycle Bin had a few Gigs of junk in it. C: still had over 11 GB free and the other partition had 320 GB free, so it is kind of weird.  Never researched how the recycle Bin works, but anyway thanks for the tip.
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