Components for a Shuttle XPC


I'm going to purchase a Shuttle SFF PC and would like your feedback on my suggested components.
Pasted from (quickfind codes provided if you want to have a look at the item):

1 x Sony 8x DVD R/rw Int IDE Burner - OEM Silver (Quickfind: 64160) £36.85
1 x Sapphire Radeon 9600 APG x8 128MB DDR DVI-I TV-Out Lite Retail (Quickfind: 49372) £52.65
1 x Crucial CT6464Z40B 512mb DDR 400MHz PC3200 CL=3 Memory Module (Quickfind: 46420) £50.99
1 x Seagate ST3120026A 120GB 7200rpm 8mb Cache Barracuda 7200.7 Plus - OEM (Quickfind: 52159) £45.94
1 x AMD Athlon XP3000+ 400Mhz FSB 512 L2 Cache Barton Cpu - OEM (Quickfind: 55149) £78.91
1 x Shuttle XPC SN45G Socket A Barebone System + Free PC12 Card reader (Quickfind: 52947) £118.58

I will be putting my recently-bought M-Audio PCI sound card in the Shuttle, so the PCI slot and AGP slot should be filled.
The PC will be used to general office work/web surfing/a small amount of gaming.

From your experience, is there anything I should change in this order?
For example, is the GFX card too big for the SFF case?

Thanks in advance!
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Sticking to 400Mhz is a good idea with the CPU/RAM combo. Should work out nice.
Looks like a pretty good system to me, I would get a 16x DVD burner (they are quite inexpensive these days), and maybe 1 gig of ram (you can't have to much ram)

The graphics card should fit without a problem.
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william200mphAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your comments!
I'm glad that you've come to the same conclusions that I did (I typed out the question in a hurry so didn't get time to get the right, 16x, burner in the list; I thought about a gig of ram but figured that I could add that at a later date easily enough - I'm trying to keep the initial cost as low as possible).
Plus the fact, I'm trying to keep it as a low-noise PC, so wouldn't a 16x burner be an awful lot louder than an 8x, or would it be quiet in normal operation and loud when being taxed?

I thought about getting this:  but the picture shows it as beige, and there are no reviews. Have you had any experience with this drive? I'd heard there were some problems with the Sony writer drives.
Or would you perhaps go for this one:     but, again, it seems to be picture as beige and having no reviews.

So I think I'll stick with the 512Mb of RAM for now, but probably go for the 16x burner (if I can find one that's suitable).

Also, there's something I forgot to say in the question...
I had a 19" CRT until it blew up, and now I'm using a 17" CRT (horribly flickery, might I add!).
I'm going to buy a TFT but I'm not sure whether I should go for a 15" or a 17", and, also, what TFT to go for.
Do you have any that you could recommend in the £150-230 ex VAT price bracket?
I'd want to use DVI, so the monitor would have to be digital (unless you could persuade me that there isn't a massive difference between digital and analogue...?). I'm not a hardcore gamer so ultra-low response times aren't essential.
I haven't had a chance to go through lots of reviews and pages of different monitors, but what do you think of something like:

Your help would be very much appreciated!
Thanks again,
My Opinion about the ND3500 is that DVD burners are so abundant that you could find a good/bad one reguardless of make or model. As far as TFT , go 17" for games it wont compare to a CRT unless u spend big bux. But I use a 19" TFT now that is nice minus some fast motion games. it blurs a lil. For what your saying you Def want a 17" for display space. 15" arn't worth what little you'd have to pay to upgrade to a 17"

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william200mphAuthor Commented:
I've tentatively chosen a Sharp LL-172GB
Is this, as far as you know, a good TFT?

Also, regarding the DVD burner, surely out of the NEC and Sony, one must be quieter or less prone to problems. Or am I wrong?
And wouldn't a 16x be louder than an 8x burner? I don't mind sacrificing speed for silence, if that is the case.

Thanks in advance!
william200mphAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your input!
I've got my system all built:
Athlon 3000XP Barton 400FSB
512MB Crucial CL3 DDR400
Connect3d Radeon 9600 256MB
Seagate Barracuda 120GB 7200rpm 8MB cache
Sony 16x DVDR-+ Dual Layer
PC12 Card Reader
LG L1730B

It absolutely flies! :-)

Thanks again,
Sorry I didn't get back to you on the last set of questions.

<<I've tentatively chosen a Sharp LL-172GB >>
That's a nice TFT.

<<And wouldn't a 16x be louder than an 8x burner>>
Some are some arn't. I couldn't tell you what models are louder and what arn't. I have had some very quiet ones and some super loud ones. Somtimes it's a gamble unless they specifically say they are quiet.

<<It absolutely flies! :-)>>

GREAT! Thats awesome to hear. Enjoy. Thanks for the accept!
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