onRollover do this...

Hi, I have created a hit area on a Flash movie clip and created a onRollover for that area. It works just fine and when I rollover, a trace statement comes up to show me that it is working. What I need to do now:
1. Have a large static text field,with borders, pop up in center of the screen, telling user to "click for a larger view".
This should also go away onRollout.
I have the onRelease button area working. I have tried several ways to do this and can't get it to work. It's the simple stuff that trips me up more!
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if you want to have center popup you can try this:
but if you need simple version, you can convert the static textbox into graphic or movie. Then set its property to _visible=false; and set it to _visible=truen when the mouse is over.
Can ?
Is this what you looking for:

Cheers :)

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there are many ways to create this effect, including using the createEmptyTextField to create a textfield in which you can assign the text, or 2. use a movieclip or graphic, as sokhodom most probably did.  If you use the first option, then in our onRollOut() handler, simply use the removeTextField() or if you use option 2, you can do it as per sokhodom, and set the visibility, or you can use a 2 frame movieclip where the first frame is empty (with a stop action) - and simply, on rollOver - send to frame 2, and on rollOut, send to frame 1.

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SteveDallasAuthor Commented:
Hi, I have increased the points based on the great feedback. sokhodom, yes this is basically what I wanted:
Is this what you looking for:
blu, your suggestion also made me think more about what I am trying to do.
I will post all of the completed working code,afterI try a few things in the next couple of days, showing what I did from the start. I will award points within 5 days.
Great to hear that :) Will look forward to see your work Steve
Cheers :)
oh, btw, the code for the above movie is:

SteveDallasAuthor Commented:
I am still not able to scheive what I need on this. I alrady had the rollover working befoe posting here. Where the problem is, is getting a fucntion in the onRollover and on Reales to do what I want. BY the way, I do not do anything drag, drop etc on the Flash screen. It is all done in ActionScript 2.
Here's what I need:
1. onRollver (any area of the "whole screen", pop up a text field, red border, red text,arial,36 )
2. If user clicks mouse button, pop up, in a new browser window, either another web page or another *.swf file.  
Here is what I have so far:
Within a file called makeinstances.as
// Create empty movie clip to usea clickable region.
_root.clickon_mc.full_txt.text="Click to display full size";
this.clickon_mc.hit_mc._visible = false;
this.clickon_mc.hitArea= this.clickon_mc.hit_mc;      
this.clickon_mc.onRelease = function()
{ trace("You pressed the enlarge screen button");

~~~~~~~ End of file ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Within main.as :
// all instances mentioned here were created in makeinstances.as
// Above has alrady been created in makeinstances.as
      toptitlei.textColor = 0x000000;
      with (toptitlei)
{      toptitlei.text = toptitle;
      border = false;
      //toptitlei.autoSize = "center";
      //borderColor = 0xFF0000;
      wordWrap = false;
      var toptitlefmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
      toptitlefmt.font = "Arial";
      toptitlefmt.bold = true;
      toptitlefmt.size = 36;
      toptitlefmt.align = "center"

this.clickon_mc.full_txt.textColor = 0x00FF00;
      with (clickon_mc.full_txt);
      clickon_mc.border = true;
      full_txt.autoSize = "center";
      borderColor = 0xFF0000;
      wordWrap = false;
      var fulltxtfmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
      fulltxtfmt.font = "Arial";
      fulltxtfmt.bold = true;
      fulltxtfmt.size = 36;
      fulltxtfmt.align = "center"

this.clickon_mc.onRollOver = function()
      trace("This is the whole screen rollover");
      this.clickon_mc.popbanneri.textColor = 0xFF0000;
      with (clickon_mc.popbanneri);
{      clickon_mc.popbanneri.text = "CLICK TO VIEW FULL SCREEN";
      clickon_mc.border = true;
      clickon_mc.popbanneri.autoSize = "center";
      clickon_mc.borderColor = 0xFF0000;
      clickon_mc.wordWrap = false;
      var popbanner:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
      clickon_mc.popbanner.font = "Arial";
      clickon_mc.popbanner.bold = true;
      clickon.mc.popbanner.size = 36;
      clickon_mc.popbanner.align = "center"

this.clickon_mc.onRollOut = function()
{ this.click_txt.setTextFormat(new TextFormat(null,null,null,false));

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