I have a Folder on my 120gb IDE storage drive that will not open and the drive hangs up when I try to Defrag it. Any Ideas?

I have been loading Music files (MP3s) on a 7200 RPM 120gb IDE hard drive. I installed the drive about 3 weeks ago and created 2 Folders on the drive Folder 1 Named (Music) and Folder 2 Named (Apps). I can still access the drive thru My Computer and access the Apps folder and the programs in the Apps folder on the drive but I can not open the Music Folder. When I click on the Music folder it opens in a new window but does not show me the files in the folder although it appears to be looking for the files. When I open Task Manager it show the drive as Not Responding and I have to End Task on it. I can right click on the Music folder and select  properties Dialog Box appears and tells me I have 38GB in the folder. I ran Scan disk on the drive and chack the repair and check for errors boxes. It completed after 2.5 hours. When I try to run Defrag on the drive it starts and get to 3 percent it hangs up and I have to restart my workstation to get out of it. The Task Manager does not seem to be able to stop the Defrag. I am trying to access the music files for a Video Project with a deadline. Thank you in advance for all your help.
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disable your antivirus and your screensaver to run the defrag
If you go to start menu>Search and then type the name of the file, are you able to access it, that is if it appears.
Make sure you are running at least windows XP service pack 1 or windows 2000 service pack 4.  If you are, then try this, go to start then run then type CMD and press enter.  Then type chkdsk d: /f   (D: being the drive letter of the harddrive you want to check) if it asks if you want to dismount, say yes, if it says i cannot dismount the volume, say yes you would like to check it next reboot, then reboot your PC
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You may get some insight about this by running cmd and trying to cd to the folder. If this works then try to do a directory list of the folder. The error message you get should tell you something about the problem.
If this is a desktop, i suggest hooking the drive on to another system, and run scandisk from there.
Do not forget to set the proper M/S jumper settings.
You can do this for a laptop drive alse, using a 2.5 to 3.5" cable adaptor
Run defrag in safe mode (if you can access you USB drive in that mode).  Otherwise use msconfig to turn of anything that isn't completely necessary, then reboot and defrag. Which OS are you running, by the way? Set you folder options not to show your files as icons.
NievergeltSenior SW DevCommented:
Have you checked your drive for errrors?

Assuming you are using Windows 2000:
In Properties dialog of the disk, select Tools and click "Check Now".
If you are booting from the disk, you will have to reboot to do the check.
BrendleAuthor Commented:
I am using Windows XP Pro. After several (20) attempts at defraging my 120GB storage drive I and been able to drfag it. I have checked the drive for errors and no errors found. When I try to open the folder I get the little flashlight icon that looks like it is searching for the files but after a couple of seconds I check my task manager and it says NOT RESPONDING. A new window opens but no file show up in the folder. All my folders have been are set to View as List. I can see the MP3 files with Windows Media Player when I point to that folder as my Media Libary. I can also drag the folder to another drive. When it is finnished loading to the second storage drive it will not open there either. I am running a Dual Processor Workstation with 2GB of DDR. Is there a size limit on a folder in windows? I have about 40GB in the troubled folder.
No, there isn't really a size limit, but if there are many small files in that folder, it'll slow down access a great deal. If you can split the folder in a couple of other folders.

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