Delphi Program Icons

I have seen many similar questions asked on here before, but not the answer i was looking for. Upon compiling my delphi applications, the default program icon to represent my application is set as the delphi 7 icon (as this is what im using). This has lead me to several questions i wanted answered...
Is there a way to edit or somehow change the program icon given to my applications, upon compiling it?
IF the ONLY way to change the program icon is after it has been compiled, and only if the exe is not running at the time of changing the icon, if i were to programatically change the icon and distribute my application, would the new icon be visible to anyone i send the application to....or would they have to manually change the icon on their computer too?
Perhaps theres an option in delphi to somehow set the program icon, before i compile it? (rather like the fact that you can change the icon that appears on the title bar of your application)

Any help is kindly appreciated!
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Pierre CorneliusCommented:
There is. Click on Project, Options (or Shift + Ctrl + F11).
Select the applications tab.
Click on load icon and select the icon you want.

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Expanding on PierreC,

If you want an icon for different forms then change the form icon property, the icon will be included in the exe so you don't need to carry the icon along with the exe.


I'm not sure what you mean by "default program icon".  Do you mean "the icon that appears in Program Manager/Windows Explorer for the executable file" or "the icon that appears at the top of any dialog boxes shown" or "the icon that appears on the taskbar when your program is running" or "the icon that appears at the top left of the main form"?

The first three are all set by the Project options as PierreC described.  Also the second and third can be changed programmatically when the program is running using the Application.Icon property (see help).  The final one (as Hypoviax suggested) can be set on the designer by bringing up the properties of the form and changing its icon and also can be set at runtime programmatically by using MainForm.Icon (or whatever you've called the main form).

Hope this helps.

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