CDO, MAPI, and vbscript OH MY - Retreiving Exchange email

We do our own spam filtering and seeing how much time is being spent slowing spam I wanted to write a script that reads emails in a folder of a user's mailbox and find similarities.  There is one issue that I can't seem to figure out.

Here is some of what I used to get where I am at:

 Set objSession = CreateObject("MAPI.Session")       'Creates the MAPI session
 objSession.Logon "outlook"                  'Logs on using the 'outlook' profile
 set objMailbox = objSession.GetDefaultFolder(1)      'get the default Inbox
 set objFolder = objMailbox.folders.Item("Spam")     'get 'Spam' folder within the Inbox
 Set objMsgColl = objFolder.Messages   'gets collection of all emails in the folder objFolder
 set firstemail = objMsgColl.GetFirst()            'retreives me the first email - just to test

Now I can display what I thought was the body of the email like this:

 wscript.echo firstemail.text

However I noticed that all the text was not there.  I'm assuming this may be a plain text version or some kind of specially decoded version of the body since the missing parts were html tags.

Now I have tried desparately to figure out how to retreive the full untouched body of the message (or at least all parts of a multipart message) but can't figure out how to make it work on vbscript.  Can anyone here throw me a bone?
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joshuad156Author Commented:
Thank you so very much.  I have had a very difficult time finding the proper method to access this information and you have given me exactly what I asked for.
Glad I could help :)
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