Cannot summarize a running total field

I have 2 running total fields. #RT_Students and #RT_Room
I use a formula to do a calculation on the fields @Total = (#RT_Students/#RT_Room)

Now I need to get an average of this formula.

When I try to do this with another running total, the formula does not appear in the list.  When I try to make a formula using the Average() function on the @Total formula I get this error 'This field cannot be summarized'

Is there any way around to achieve what I am trying to do?


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You hae t ouse whileprinting records while writing another formula. Evaluation time is the key and make sure that cruystal evaluated the average formula while printing records

add the rest of the formula here.......

Please post the properties of your running totals.
Field, summary type, evaluation, reset.

Also, what version of Crystal are you using?
What fields are you grouping in in your report?

We can formulate some alternatives, which will vary based upon your running total fields.

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alzoid69Author Commented:
ebolek:  I tried whileprintingrecords; and I still get the error, I will google for more info.


Here are the details of my Running Totals and formulas:

@ScoreXWeight = {C.score} * {C.weight}

#RT_Score  Field: @ScoreXWeight
                  Type: Sum
                  Evaluate : For each record
                   Reset : On Change of Group

#RT_Weight  FIeld : weight
                    Type: Sum
                    Evaluate : For each record
                   Reset : On Change of Group

@FinalTotal  = {#RT_Score}/{#RT_Weight}

I have 2 groups.  The inner group footer contains  my @FinalTotal. I am trying to get a Average of the @FinalTotal formula to put in my outer group footer.  There could be multiple values for each group so in the outer group footer I want to add an average of the FinalTotal.

I am using Crystal Reports 9

Hope this helps.


alzoid69Author Commented:
I formulated some alternatives and I used whileprintingrecords; so you both get points.


Sorry to do this as it is probably not the done thing, however I am sure this issue is the same thing as I am currently struggling with and I don't quite get what was done to solve the issue. Can you take a look at my question which is open with 500 points on it as it is so urgent (and frustrating). The link is ANy help would be hugely appreciated
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