Getting the User account "Run As" window

A few days ago I started getting the following window and I cant find how to get rid of it.

Run As
"Which user account do you want to use to run this program?"

As a possible related issue my only user account, other than the Administrator, has apparently lost it's Admin rights even though the User Accounts area of Control Panel says that it still has Admin rights.
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Hello ladyjmayo =)

Well the main problem is the rights problem which is happening with the user, as this user has no more Administrative rights, it has to run all the programs As Administrator !!

What changes did you make to this system whe this started.... did you install any program or any virus\malware attack ??
Well in any case, the thing which you can do to solve this, is to create a new user account with Administrative rights and then move the data from this user to the new one and carry on with the new user :)

How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile;EN-US;811151
Well, it may not be that you've lost admin rights, you may have had something configured to run as a certain account (admin or otherwise) who's password has changed.  You need to find the program with the run as property set and remove it or reset it.   I'd start in scheduled tasks as scanners and defraggers etc are usually what are settup with run as permissions.  Then I'd check the startup folder or just try to figure out what it is that induces the pop up.

Once you've found the source, remove the run as, have it run as localsystem, or enter in your or the administrators logon properties.

If you have something scheduled to run as a guest and that password was changed or the account was disabled or deleted then you may be asked for different credentials.  So it's not a matter of to admin or not.

Check your computer of malware spyware is a good idea if something unusal like this is happenning.
ladyjmayoAuthor Commented:
     your answer seems logical to me.  I tried it and it didn't work.  I still get the window that asks what user account I want to use to run the application.  What changed was that I installed anti spyware applications.  I have since uninstalled all but Adaware, Spybot and Spyware Blaster.

     What tells me that my one user on this system has lost admin rights is that I tried to install FireFox and I got an error that said I needed Admin rights to install it.

I have never logged in as anything other than the one user untill I tried SheharyaarSaahil's answer.  Thus I don't have an application that the guest login wants to use.  I have run Adaware and Spybot and Spyware Blaster on the system and after deleteing the found spyware and then rerunning these applications nothing is found.  I also ran PestPatrol.
>> What changed was that I installed anti spyware applications.
now there is something to check.... problem was started immediately after installing those programs.... or after running them and then cleaning the system with them ??

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ladyjmayoAuthor Commented:
I gave up and reloaded XP Pro.
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