Slow VPN between Win Xp Pro <--> Win 2000 Server SP4

I have a Windwos 2000 server (SP4) connected via broadband to the Internet. For 2 years I have had users with Win 2000 clients connecting using VPN connection across broadband & dial-up. At the front end of the Win 2000 server I have an Asante Friendlynet FR3000 firewall/router handling the VPN connection. Everything works fine/has worked fine with users accessing the mail server and data server.

I have now connected a Windows XP Pro SP2 user to the VPN and I am having problems - whether I connect via dial up or broadband. The parameters are right because I can make a connection. However, the connection doesn’t always go through. Sometimes it connects immediately, other times it just sits with the ‘Connecting to’ message and then times out with an error message: 'Error 800. Unable to establish VPN connection'.

If I click redial it will either connect immediately or it will take several attempts to connect.

Once connected I can access the server to downlaod emails or directly to folders to download/upload files. But the transfer process is very slow. On a Win 2000 client connected to the VPN a file that takes 7 seconds to copy takes anywhere from 25-105 seconds from the Win XP Pro client. Email collection is equally as bad.

So my guess is that there is some security setting or port access setting that I haven’t found yet on XP Pro.

Any pointers.

I am not a trained Windows Server or Windows client techie.. just an experienced user using savvie to set things up... obviously run out of savvie :)

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Rok BrnotCommented:
Is firewall on XP turned on ?
If it is trn it off and try to connect again
Ok let’s see if this is right. Your server is stable and your win 2K clients are functioning normally. Your issue is only with the XP client.

You need to know what type of tunneling (PPTP or IPSEC) the client is using and verify the appropriate port is open on the firewall.

Did your XP client connect successfully before installing SP2? If so you should look at XP’s firewall (start-control panel-Windows firewall). SP2 turns on the firewall during installation.
By default Windows XP SP2 has a built in firewall turned on. You can either open up the ports you need to access the VPN or you can turn it off completely to test it. The settings are in Control Panel, Windows Firewall.
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I would check if the firewall is enabled.
Go to Control panel->network connection,
on both the VPN connection and the connection used to dial into the internet,
right click->properties->advanced and make sure that the firewall is turned off.
If it makes things better, you can start openning up ports.
XKRAuthor Commented:
Moderator - please close - answered the problem myself.

Turned out to be an XP service. I looked at: and worked through the services that I didn't need. Once I got the right one set to manual it wroekd liek a dream.
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