New Cisco 3725 or Old Cisco 7206

I'm wondering what would be better in terms of simple routing performance.  I'm at the point where I need to upgrade from my 1760 and I'm wondering which is better in terms of performance for fairly basic ip routing and some simple filtering.  A new Cisco 3700 Series or I have the opportunity to pick up a Cisco 7206 running NME 2.0 on the cheap from a company upgrading their equipment.
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The 7206, unless it is the VXR model is obsolete and support will run out for it.
If it is a VXR model, it's a very powerful box and will run circles around the 3700. I'd have a hard time passing up a good deal on that, but you would have a difficult time getting support/maint on anything that you bought "on the cheap". Cisco does not sell maint contracts for used gear.

Have you looked at the new 2800 series as a replacement for your 1760? If you're running any voice applications, they are totally redesigned to support voice and security..
caplinktechAuthor Commented:
I was aware that 7206 was a discontinued model and was the primary reason I was asking the question as I didn't really know how last generations 7200 series compared with the current generations 3700 series strictly in performance terms.  TYhe support issue was going to be something that considered separately if the 7206 held a significant performance advantage over the new 3700 series.
For raw routing power, a 3725 is not even in the same league as a 7206 if it’s a VXR variant, but if you are looking for versatility the 3725’s long list of available modules gives it flexibility that is hard to beat.

I recently had to make the same choice by the way, but since the router was going to be dedicated to routing only, the budget limited, and considerable growth anticipated. The used 7206VXR router is what I chose.

If you go that way, get it from a big used equipment dealer, which gives at least a 6 month warranty, and will give you advanced exchanges, in other words if you call them and say it’s broke, they won’t make you send back the broken one first. I got a year in this case, but I had two dealers looking to make the deal, and one of them instead of lowering their price gave a better warranty, so I took it.        
caplinktechAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I guess I didn't make it clear again in my second Post, the 7206 is not the VXR variant which it what has left me unsure of its performance characteristics compared to the current generation of 3725.
In that case--without question--I would opt for a new 3725

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