Not a valid Groupwise user

In Groupwise 6.5, when adding a user from the address book or keying his address in directly to a shared folder, one user gets "not a valid groupwise user".  Other users can add that same person to a shared folder.
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Some basic questions:

1) Are the users on the same post office?
2) Are these users members of the same domain?
3) Are you trying to add users by nickname?
4) Are these additions being made from the GroupWise System Address Book?
5) Is Internet Addressing enabled?


brobisonAuthor Commented:
Same post office, same domain,  no nicknames,

The user is being pulled from the Address Book.  We also tried typing his name in directly.

How do I verify if internet addressing is enabled or not?
1) okay
2) "The user is being pulled from the Address Book" -- Browsed to and selected from the SYSTEM address book, or name completed?
3) GroupWise System Operations | Internet Addressing

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When one user gets a problem like that, but the other users dont, and especially when it involves Name Completion (which essentially this does - Name Completion is the auto-location of a user/resource in the System Address Book or other Address Books that are searched), then 90% of the time its due to one of two causes:

1) The System Address Book is not being searched - this is a GroupWise Client configuration issue. Click the Address Book icon and I think under "File" is the menu item "Name Completion Search Order" (I think that's it). Make sure that the System Address Book is included in the list of Address Books to be searched. I also generally put the System Address Book at the top of that list. Also, on one of the other menu items (sorry, I don't have a GroupWise Client in front of me right now), make sure searching is being done on the right portion of the Name (i.e. First Name, if that's how you want to search, or Last Name). Check these things first - if the System Address Book is being searched, and the right Search Order is being used, then move on to #2 below. Also, if the Address Books do not all appear in the list of Address Books in the left-hand pane of the Address Book window, then move directly to #2.

2) The Address Book is broken - the Address Book functionality in the GroupWise Client works almost as a separate program. It is possible for the GroupWise Client to be otherwise installed correctly and working fine, yet the Address Book function is broken (technically, the reverse is also true, just a lot less likely). Try re-installing the client. Note that to get a complete client re-install, you may need to also remove Windoze Messaging Service (from Add/Remove Programs). Try just running the GroupWise Client install again and see if that fixes it. If not, then remove the Client, remove Windoze Messaging, reboot (this is Windoze, after all), and run the GroupWise Client install again (it will re-install Windoze Messaging - and reboot, naturally - as part of the GroupWise Client install).

The only time I'd suspect a system-wide problem as the root cause of this would be if all users were seeing it. If all users were unable to add this fellow to their Shared lists, then I'd say find his account in the GroupWise view of ConsoleOne, right-click on it, select GroupWise Utilities, and then Synchronize. If the problem persisted, I'd then suggest you go to the same place and instead choose GW/eDirectory Association and re-Associate his NDS and GW objects, and then Synchronize. If that didn't fix it, I'd say it was time for a top-down rebuild.
OK, I have a GroupWise Client in front of me now, so here's how I generally configure its Address Book searching (note that this is GroupWise v6.5 SP2 - all I know about the Asker's environment is that you've got v6.5):

1) In the main GroupWise window, in Online mode, click the Address Book button
2) The Addres Book window opens. If there are not at least 3 or 4 Address Books listed in the left-hand pane ("Novell GroupWise Address Book" - also called the System Address Book; "Novell LDAP Address Book" - assuming LDAP is enabled; "Frequent Contacts"; "<user name here>"), then something is probably wrong with the Address Book functionality and the Client software probably needs to be re-installed.. If those 3 or 4 Books are there, then continue on.
3) Click File - Name Completion Search Order
4) The Name Completion Search Order window appears. Make sure that the Novell GroupWise Address Book appears in the Selected Books column and is at the top of that column. I generally put the user's Personal Address Book (listed by just their user name) next, followed by Frequent Contacts. Be sure the "Disable Name Completion" check-box is not checked. CLick OK when done.
5) Back in the Addres Book window, click View - Name Format
6) The Display Name Format window appears. Select the proper radio button for first-name or last-name searches and make sure it is applied to the proper Address Books. Click OK when done. Note that the selected search format is automatically applied to the System Address Book

If the user still cannot get Name Completion to work after those 6 steps, then re-install the client.

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PsiCop is correct "as if we did not know this already" I have had numerous time when the groupwise client address book becomes corrupt or disapears. if you try his steps, and it does not work the do like he said and reinstall this always fixed it for me. sorry to be redundant I am waiting for a plain, and just trying to get involved :)
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