VB6 Common Controls 5.0 / 6.0 differences?

I've been testing the listview control from Microsoft Windows Common Controls 5.0 (SP2) and Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 (SP6).

I realized that the listview control in SP6 doesn't act normally as normal Explorer listview control does.
This was the test that I've been doing:
* Place 2 listview controls from different versions on a form and set both view to lvwReport and MultiSelect property to True.
* Initialize ColumnHeaders and populate the listview items (3+) in Form_Load event.
* Run the application, select first record of each. (If it's not yet been selected)
* Drag and select the last item in the list.

The result I see is when selecting the SP2 listview items it reacts like Explorer does - selected items will be updated to most recent selections and first item de-selected.
With SP6 listview control, I get last item been selected (this is correct), and the first item remain selected, end up the first and last item been selected.

I am considering of changing all my SP6 listview to SP2 listview, because the SP2 listview is what I am looking for. Would anyone recommend using the older version rather than the newer version? I would also like to know what has been changed within these two versions? If using the older version, will it affect the installation process in client machines?
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Hi guest321,
I would strongly suggest you do NOT downgrade!
Just by going into (Custom) on each control, you will notice the addtions to the SP6 one.
From memory, things like FullRowSelect and GridLines would probably be reason enough.
As to your problem, probably it is possible to overcome. Have you tried checking or unchecking the "Hide Selection" property?

guest321Author Commented:
Hi Dabas.

I've tried the "Hide Selection" property, but it doesn't work, it will only hide the selected/highlighted items in the listview when lost focus. :/
guest321Author Commented:
I am busy downloading Visual Studio Service Pack 6, will this update help?
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> I am busy downloading Visual Studio Service Pack 6, will this update help?
I hope so! Let me know

Two things,

If you use a manifest file to give your application a windows XP look, the use the old (SP2) version, cause that one will get the WIndows XP look, the new one does not.
In the SP6 listview, listsubitems have more options.

And there are of course some other differences.
jkaiosIT DirectorCommented:
I agree with p_sie.
Version 5.0 (COMCTL32.OCX) is link with COMCTL32.DLL which is the main common controls library and the library for XP style
Version 6.0 (MSCOMCTL.OCX) is not link with Comclt32.dll

It is also true that version 6.0 has more options or features, and the following lists some
of the new features (Properties and Methods) in version 6.0 that are not in version 5.0:

Main ListView Control

The ListItems Object

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guest321Author Commented:
Thanks for the help guys!

I've decided to combine 2 different versions of controls in my application (hope this won't give me problems in later stage), regarding the listview, I've used some API calls to achieve the same effects as the version 6.0 have.

As for SP6, I haven't install it yet, because I read a few posts stating there are some problems came with SP6, I will need to make sure before I install it.
jkaiosIT DirectorCommented:
Thanks for the A grade, guest321.

You really should install the SP6. I've been using it since it was available and haven't encountered any problem at all.
Also, you can use both Common Controls v5.0 and 6.0 together. I've done that too with no problem.
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