change background color for multiline CEdit

I need to change background color for multiline CEdit. I followed many examples available to overwrite OnCtlColor, and that only partially worked.
For example my multiline CEdit has 10 lines, and first 5 lines have text. OnCtlColor would only change background color for the first 5, and the rest remain the Windows default color.

How do I make sure all lines got changed color at once?

Probably a common question, but just cant find answers easily. :(

Thanks all.
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Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
You have to handle WM_ERASEBKGND message, but there are some considerations. Have a look to this previous question:
Amritpal SinghCommented:
try this

1. Add a HBRUSH member to your dialog class. Let us call it m_hEditBrush.
2. Initialize this HBRUSH in OnInitDialog by calling
m_hEditBrush = CreateSolidBrush(RGB(70,0,50));
3. Return this brush in OnCtlColor instead of hbr, if the control in
question is the desired one:
// Set color to green on black and return the background brush.
    pDC->SetTextColor(RGB(0, 255, 0));
    pDC->SetBkColor(RGB(70, 0, 50));
    return m_hEditBrush;

4. Do a DeleteObject of the brush in OnDestroy, DeleteObject(m_hEditBrush)


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Amritpal SinghCommented:
also have a look at the example at the following llink
it worked for multiline CEdit control

the useful code at the link :
HBRUSH CChildView::OnCtlColor(CDC* pDC, CWnd* pWnd, UINT nCtlColor)
      HBRUSH hbr = CWnd ::OnCtlColor(pDC, pWnd, nCtlColor);
      CBrush brush ;
      pDC ->SetBkMode ( TRANSPARENT ) ;
      brush.CreateStockObject ( NULL_BRUSH ) ;
      return (HBRUSH) brush.m_hObject ;      
      // TODO: Return a different brush if the default is not desired
      return hbr;

int CChildView::OnCreate(LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct)
      if (CWnd ::OnCreate(lpCreateStruct) == -1)
            return -1;
      m_edit.Create ( ES_MULTILINE|WS_CHILD | WS_VISIBLE | WS_BORDER | WS_VSCROLL, CRect ( 10, 10, 200, 140 ), this, ID_EDIT1 ) ;      
      return 0;
oldyellowcatAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone, especially Amrit_82. Code works beautifully.
Turned out my OnCtlColor is almost exactly the same as yours, but I was returning the background brush incorrectly. Thanks.
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