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Hi guys,
     I am not very familiar with Active Directory, but ours needs updating badly, and I was wondering about the process of updating it. Our HR department can easily provide data in the form of a spreadsheet (Excel). What would be the best way to update Active Directory using these spreadsheets? Thanks.
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Update Active Directory?????

What is that you are talking about? Give me some example? What's the content of those worksheets? What do you want to update? Personal data of your employees?

Anyway, Active Directory can (not so easy) be scripted! Therefore you do can automate most tasks using AD Scripts.
So ... please, be more specific about what r u trying to achieve here!
Sorry for the dbl post.

I believe the HR departmen got a list of employee in excel format,  he don't want to key them one by one(it is horror to him if he needs to key in 200 users in the active directory ).  So, he was wondering if he can import the excel into active directory.

It doesn't take a genius to understand what he is trying to achieve,
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isaacr25Author Commented:
All I need to know is if its possible to update Active Directory (employee data: name, department, numbers, new employees etc.) using spreadsheets that I can get from Human Resources. I know that it is probably not a direct import/export or something like that, but I need to know if its indirectly possible. Thanks.

Hey binary_1001010 ...

What is wrong with you ? Get some more expertise on this topic and after that I can meet you privately and have some discussion about active directory; I mean, you might learn something from me or from each other! It's not wise to approach people like you did! Considering how the question was asked and that I usually try to give pretty much clear explanations to people, I had to ask about what was he/she trying to achieve! Additionally, I don't know the Isaacr25 knowledge about AD therefore I had to be sure about what is he asking! IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH FOR YOU NOW, GENIUS?!

But it's clear enough to me that you just don't know much about AD!!!

One more thing! I'm happy I'm not a genius!

Take it easy next time man. We are all here to help not to offend each other!

Now, isaacr25!! It is possible indeed. All you have to do is develop a script and take the data from the excel worksheet and add it to your Users's accounts. I could do that for you should I had time. Try posting this same question in the "Programming" section.

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isaacr25Author Commented:
     That's all I wanted to know... whether or not it was technically possible. Thanks.

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