Screen Capture Interface

I would like to build a screen capture interface that will allow the user to select an area of the screen.  I already have the code I need to get the selected area as a bitmap.  I am only asking about how to do an interface for selecting an area of the screen.

My first attempt was to create an always on top form, that had the middle portion transparent.  The user could move the form, and resize it.  The transparent portions of the form showed the part that was to be captured.  This worked, until I minimized the other forms in my program.  This form was also minimized.

I would like the capture interface to be available, even if the main form of the application is minimized.  I would also like to capture interface to appear on top of anything else that may be on the screen.

I would like the interface to be "live", so that the user can capture things on the screen, as they are changing.  capturing a static image of the whole screen, and then selecting a portion of that, is not a viable solution.

I have seen other capture programs that allow you to use the mouse to draw a box on the screen, on top of all windows, by selecting two corners.  Any ideas how this is done? or, do you have any other ideas that may work?
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>> "This form was also minimized"
Take a look at my answer here

Otherwise, you can use CopyRect method of the Canvas to copy spcific area of the desktop.
hello  wolsen, , If you want a "Real Time" desktop display and smaller screen Rectangle capture, then I would use a DLL mouse hook and have the user draw his screen rectangle with his mouse, but this is not a delphi form sort of thing and may not be simple, , you can see some code for this at this EE question -

ask questions if you need more information

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procedure GetScreen(var bmp: TBitmap);
   dc : integer;
   c  : TCanvas;
   R  : TRect;
   bmp := TBitmap.Create;

   dc := GetWindowDC(Form1.Handle);
      c := TCanvas.Create;
      c.Handle := dc;
      R := Rect(0, 0, Screen.Width, Screen.Height);
      bmp.Width := R.Right;
      bmp.Height := R.Bottom;
      bmp.Canvas.CopyRect(R, c, R);
      c.Handle := 0;
      ReleaseDC(Form1.Handle, dc);


In BMP variable you have image of form1!
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