Small Web host setup??

I know this question has probably been asked a million times, but I haven't found a good concise answer yet.

I would like to set up a small web server at my company, which currently has 1 Server 2003 box and 1 Exchange Box (also server 2003).  This 3rd machine will be to host a number of small traffic websites and an FTP server.  I am looking for suggestions as to the best network structure for this setup.  All of the existing machines are on a single subnet, and I'd assume that I would want the web server on a different subnet.   I'd like to give a handful of users easy access to the webserver on which they would publish sites.

I have a zillion questions about the way this should work, so first I just think I need to get a generally acceptable network infrastructure in place.  My questions then begin to move toward securing files etc.   Does anyone know of a good resource which shows an acceptable way to set up the subnets etc.  i know i know there also a zillion ways to do this too.  it's why i'm asking.  Many of you have probably set up similar networks and have had pretty good luck doing it a certain way.  That's what I'm looking for!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!
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From a personal point of view - I wouldn't bother.
Unless you are on a very fast connection (which I doubt) and can monitor this machine 24x7 the hassle required isn't worth it.

Instead I would purchase a "reseller" account from one of the hosting companies. I pay less than US$30/month for mine. These allow me to host as many web sites as I like within the allocated space. I currently have 7 in mine. Hwoever I don't need to worry about the hassle of maintaining the web server, paying for expensive high speed internet connections or uptime of the site. Security is also someone else's worry.

I feel that self hosting is only worth it if you are doing ecommerce, and large transaction numbers at that. Amazon type numbers. Everyone else should let the specialist hosts get on with it. The hosting market is so comptetitive now that you should be able to pick up a good deal on what you need.


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RussianblueAuthor Commented:
Yeah, you're exactly right.  Fundamentally, I suppose what I am trying to do is understand how the professional web hosts have their networks set up.  There are certain web-based services (i.e. Outlook Web Access and a couple of others) that I sorta have to host in house and am really just wanting to know "how it works" with the big guys.  I have a router/firewall that will handle two subnets, and I'd like to set up some sort of access to our company file share through FTP as well.  I think I really just need to keep on reading!

Thanks for being the only one to answer my question.  Points to u!

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