Ndis.sys causes Blue Screen of Deathq

I get a blue screen and it starts dumping with that little countdown thing right after I start up my pc. The file that cuases it is ndis.sys I dont havve time to copy down the error message but if it is needed I will try to copy it down. Anyways please help. This is very urgent as the computer has information needed for tommorow.
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
NDIS is related to networking.  Try booting the system in safe mode without networking support.  Then run SFC /SCANNOW at a command line.  Have your Windows CD handy.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you still have problems after that, post the error message (have you updated your network drivers lately?)  At LEAST the first line of it, generally the rest is useless to all but those who work for microsoft.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Heres the problem I dont have the XP Cd I have a company copy that has multiple licenses for XP Pro. Also I dont know how to start safe mode without networkign only know how to do safe mode and safe mode with command prompt and safemode with networking. Is there anything that I can do with BartPE?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
"safe mode" (nothing else) is safe mode without networking.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Oh well I have tried that and gotten the same error
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Then boot to something - Recovery console if you can, BARTPE, something. Look in c:\windows\system32\drivers for the ndis.sys file - rename it - ndis.bad - something.  get it out of there.  This won't always fix things - and I can all but promise you networking will be completely broken, but there's an excellent chance you'll be able to boot the system.

(And post that Error Message!)
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Okay I will post the error message but where can I get a ndis.sys good file. Also I was thinking of just deleting it but I was scared to so I was waiting for you response and you are telling me to rename it okay after I do that what should I do. Also should I post the error message first?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Post the error message first - if I'm right and you boot successfully after you rename it you MIGHT not be able to get the error again.  


Once you boot, do a search on your system (and check manually c:\Windows\system32\dllcache) for a copy of the file.  If you find one, put it in c:\windows\system32\drivers and reboot - if you still have problems, it could be a driver issue with your network card.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Well firstly I did just install a wireless g card from d-linbk and had been getting problems telling me the following.
A. there is a hi-speed usb device plugged into a non high speed hub. It showed a six port hub yet my laptop only has 2 and no hispeed devices connected.
b. new hardware- ethernet adapter (it was working fine though)
c. new hardware pci serial port (my pc doesnt have a serial port)
d. new hardware-my wireless card needs to be installed but it was already installed
and yes I did a reboot and still had the same problems
And now the moment you have all been waiting for, the error message! (Note the zero counts may be off but I cant count them very well becuase I for some reaosn have a problem counting repetivie numbers)
Stopo 0X000000008EC (0XC0000005 0X EC759260, 0X00000000
NDIS.sys F84 DF6B3  BASE F84 DA00 Datestamp 3d6de4c3

Hope this helps also If I dont find the file in the cache what else can I do? Could I use the file from a windows xp home pc?
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Anyone else have any ideas on what to do. This is extremely urgent.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Most likely, you could use the file from XP Home.  But typically, there are several patches and the DLLCache that should have it - I checked my system and have 4 copies.
Whenever windows crashes with blue screen, a system event 1001 record and a minitdump is created. Record 1011 has the bugcheck code and the bugcheck parameters which are very useful to diagnostic your problem.

Control Panel -> System Adminstrative Tools -> Event Viewer -> System -> Record 1001 (ie sysddump). Copy the content of the record 1001 log into clipboard. Paste them back here.

There is an update for xp released end of 2003, you could try this, this file does contain ndis.sys amongst others


browse to

Windows XP 32-Bit Editions
The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:
Download the WindowsXP-KB826942-x86-enu.exe package now. Release Date: October 31, 2003

Of course you will probably need to get into the machine first.

Can't you just slave yuor drive to get information off?  Or do you only have one machine?

Does your PC has adequate power unit? Try the following website and it helps you to calculate the power consumption of your PC. Change a more powerful may resolve your problem.

Power Supply Voltage Calculator http://www.jscustompcs.com/power_supply/

I guess the correct bucheck code is as follows:
Bugcheck code 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x00000000, EC759260, 0X00000000)
                                                                ^^^^^^ <----- The address where exception occurs ??
where Bug Check 0x8E: KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED and it means windows try to execute an instruction as address 0 which prohibit windows low memory protection. As windows does not allow read and write to first 64K and it is so called the low memory protection.

I don't know why the exception address is at low memory zero. Something is really weired and I think it is related to hardware such as faulty power supply unit or RAM.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
I have a laptop otherwise I would slave. It does have an adequate power unit as it is a centrino and requires very little power. Yeah I have been thinking I have faulty RAM. Is there a type I should get for a laptop. I really need it asap otherwise I would send it in. BTW I am sick today but when I get a chance I will certainly see if the fix works. Also can I check out the cache file using knoppix?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sure... Knoppix should be able to read NTFS.  I believe you can even set the disk to read/write and rearrange things that way.

Could it be RAM?  Sure.  But RAM doesn't generally go bad from what I've seen.  I believe it's more likely to be a corrupt driver or related.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Okay thanks LEEW when I get a chance I will try waht you have suggested.
Try memtest to scan your ram.       http://www.memtest86.com
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Okay I was able to rename the file using BartPE but now I need to figure out how to get a checked ndis.sys onto that pc since hte cd rom drive is used by the bartpe cd and the knoppix cd when I use knoppix. I checked the dllcache and the drivercache and didnt find the ndis.sys. Anyways what should I do next? I havent checked to see if it starts up yet but I dont have any use for it unless I can get it connected to a network since I cant even print the stuff out without the network. Should I try to get the file from another computer on my home network by networking knoppix? I dont know how to connect using knoppix though. What should I do next?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
NDIS is a small file.  ~165K and will fit on a floppy.  if you have a USB storage device - one of those portable memory keys - I'd use that to transfer the file from one system to another.  (I'm really surprised you don't have a copy of that file somewhere else on your system).

You could network knoppix, but it gets a little hairy - although one solution would be to put the NDIS.SYS file using the other computer onto some web storage place (Yahoo Breifcase - if you have or setup a yahoo account) - and then boot knoppix and download the file to the hard drive.

Download a copy of XP SP2 and reapply that - or SP1 if that's what you're running.  Reinstalling the Service Pack SHOULD recover that.

You should be able to boot now - no networking, but you should be able to boot. Once booted, you can rename the NDIS file back into place or rename/move another one into place.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Okay I will try that and I would just upload the file to my personal webspace 1.5gigs I got so the file will fit in any tiny place. I dont have any usb storage device though. I dont have a floppy in the laptop either. I have a usb floppy drive. Could I get that to work with knoppix?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I would think so - BUT, I'm not positive - never tried.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Just making sure though I should try to use the ndis.sys from a working xp home to replace the file I have named ndis.bad and name the new fiel ndis.sys in the system32/drivers directory correct?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I would copy the NDIS.SYS file to your computer, but put it someplace else - c:\ or c:\Windows or someplace OTHER than C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS - reason being, what if the "bad" file is fine.  The real problem is a corrupted Network driver?  Confirm you can boot to windows.  THEN, within Windows, move the NDIS.SYS file to the DRIVERS folder.  Then reboot.  If you have the same problem, then it's more than likely not the NDIS driver but EITHER bad hardware (RAM) or a bad Network driver.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
What do I do if it is one of those?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
next step - lets see if this works.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Okay so it boots now without any ndis.sys driver. What do I do next should I use the ndis.sys I found on the BartPE disk?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Quick question - what Network card do you have in this?  You might want to try to download the drivers for it.  COULD be corrupted network driver (my favorite really).  

I'd copy the one on bart pe if that's all you have - but for fun, go to a command prompt and from the C: drive type:

dir /s ndis.sys

Does anything else come up?  If so, list their locations here.

If not, then use Bart PE's.  BUT be warned, I don't have a clue which one that is and it could cause another BSOD.  I will say, I REALLY doubt its memory at this point.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Oh well I am pretty sure the one from BartPE is taken from the windows xp home edition I made the disk from becuase BartPE requires Windows files to create a disk and the download is about 5mb or so and then the cd is about 180mb because it takes files so I am pretty sure it is from the XP Home installation. Anyways the network card is the one that came with the laptop built in. I think it might be part of hte mobo or something. Anyways I havent been able to find any driver updates on the Sony website so I doubt there are any for it. Where else should I look if I can find out what type it is. Also how do I find out what type it is?
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Okay things have gotten worse. My taskbar doesnt respond it only responds to one click then it goes so I cant do anything with the start menu and I have to run commands through taskmanager I have tried restataring explorer and still have the same problem
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
funny thing - I think I can tell you why that it - I just had a problem with that myself and it's almost certainly related to not having networking.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Look in task manager - do you see a process (under the processes tab) that reads "userinit.exe"?  If so, i can all but guarentee it's trying to sync offline files but can't.  Can't fix this without the network working - but you can do most things through the command prompt.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Okay I will look anyways should I try to use that bartpe file?
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
I dont see that running, but here is what I do see running.
ati2evxx.exe (running twice)
svchost.exe (running 3 times)
Hope this helps this is what I have running anyways I really would like to get my pc working again tonight.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Do the DIR thing - IF you don't find it, then use the BART PE file.  But look for one with DIR - then use the most recent one that doesn't match the date/file size of the bad one.  If they all do, then use any one of the others.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
What do I do about the explorer thing though?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you can work around it now, do so, again we'll tackle that later - It may very well be related to a lack of networking at the moment.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Okay it works now but I still get hte BSOD with the new file. What should I do now. BTW leew if you would like me to open up another question so you can get double poitns for this long question I will or I will try to get you points some other way since you are being very helpful. Anyways what do I do now?
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
BTW i used the dos command 'fc' and there were no file differences between the two
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I hate sony.  Well, you know how to get Windows Running again, so do that.

Can you post the exact model of Sony and I'll try to locate network drivers for you.

Once you get back into windows, do a:


Then post that file - it will list all the drivers you have there and I can try to identify the network card driver.  Then we can take THAT out instead of NDIS and see if that fixes things (pretty sure it will) - of course you won't have networking.

Do you have a PCMCIA network card anywhere - can you get one (if you're on the west coast I imagine staples and other such stores would be open - if this is urgent enough to try that).  We can then confirm it's a network driver issue with a different NIC being used.  (Wireless even?)

Don't worry about the points.  But I appreciate the sentiment.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Yeah I have a wireless card but I cant add a new connection without ndis.sys. Anyways I will do that and I dont have a pcmia network card lying around though I wish I did. I only have a wireless card. The model is a SONY PCG-V505-DX
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sometimes I'm forgetful... like this past 24 hours - SYSTEM RESTORE - Try using System restore to put your system back to a functional state.  Go back a couple days prior to the problem.  Then see what happens.

If it fails, that's ok - you've got the wireless.  Post the driver list I requested and we'll yank that driver out then restore ndis.  I'm 2/3 sure it's the NIC and not NDIS (about 1/4 thinking it might be a corrupt hardware registry, but I doubt it).   Then you can install the wireless and I SUSPECT, you'll be ok.  I'm probably going to have to go soon - still at work and REALLY want to go home.  I'll be back on PROBABLY around 9:30 Pacific time.  But I don't know how much longer I can keep this up tonight.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
okay that is fine I will post that driver list for you.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
I don think it is a hardware problem since I was able to connect to the internet under Knoppix. I am guessing it is a problem with Windows and is therefore fixable without any other problems. I have someone over right now but at 9pm pst I will get the stuff and post that list for you.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
I dont see a c: drivers list
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You ran this?

the run
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
okay I Will run that I thought it was already there. MY mistake. LEt me finish up what I am doing in linux and then I will do th stuff in windows.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
I did that and it came up wit hthe driver list for drive f which is my bartpe disk what do I do to get it for c:/
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
For c:, try:


If that fails, try;

SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
It would be C:\WINDOWS I will do that when I get a chance today thanks for the help
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Okay I got it working my friend helped me. I have a problem with one of my drivers as you thought might be one of the problems. Anyways we think it is the wireless driver so I turned it off. Thanks for your help. I will get you the drivers list so you can see if there are any new drivers available for the wireless as I would like to have them. Here is the list.
 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is AC03-0FBE


11/19/2004  02:43 PM    <DIR>          .
11/19/2004  02:43 PM    <DIR>          ..
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            50,560 1394bus.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           179,328 acpi.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            11,648 acpiec.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           142,208 aec.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           131,968 afd.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            25,472 agp440.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            32,000 amdk6.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            32,512 amdk7.sys
06/10/2003  08:35 PM            93,700 Apfiltr.sys
07/06/2004  11:28 PM           405,056 ar5211.sys
07/07/2004  03:28 PM           405,056 ar52119x.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            57,344 arp1394.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            13,568 asyncmac.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            86,912 atapi.sys
07/30/2003  09:03 PM           600,576 ati2mtag.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            57,216 atmarpc.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            31,360 atmepvc.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            53,888 atmlane.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           352,256 atmuni.sys
08/17/2001  05:59 AM             3,072 audstub.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            14,080 battc.sys
07/09/2004  04:26 AM            11,392 bdasup.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             4,224 beep.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            68,864 bridge.sys
09/24/2002  11:56 AM            14,464 bthenum.sys
09/24/2002  11:56 AM            27,648 bthmodem.sys
09/24/2002  11:56 AM           227,584 bthport.sys
09/24/2002  11:56 AM            29,952 bthprint.sys
09/24/2002  11:56 AM            17,280 bthusb.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            13,952 cbidf2k.sys
07/09/2004  04:26 AM            16,384 ccdecode.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            18,688 cdaudio.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            59,648 cdfs.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            47,488 cdrom.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           262,528 cinemst2.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            46,336 classpnp.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            13,184 cmbatt.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             9,344 compbatt.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            11,776 cpqdap01.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            31,488 crusoe.sys
09/03/2003  08:13 AM    <DIR>          disdn
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            33,792 disk.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            13,184 diskdump.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           780,928 dmboot.sys
12/05/2000  03:18 PM             3,952 DMICall.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           146,304 dmio.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             5,888 dmload.sys
08/17/2001  12:59 PM            50,048 DMusic.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            57,856 drmk.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             2,816 drmkaud.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            10,496 dxapi.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            68,992 dxg.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             3,328 dxgthk.sys
09/25/2002  06:09 AM           140,800 e100b325.sys
10/19/2003  04:59 AM            25,856 ElbyCDFL.sys
09/15/2003  08:57 AM             9,728 ElbyCDIO.sys
10/21/1999  10:12 AM            20,400 Entech.sys
11/02/1999  10:01 AM             6,173 Entech.vxd
08/17/2001  05:46 AM             6,400 enum1394.sys
09/03/2003  08:14 AM    <DIR>          etc
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           145,152 fastfat.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            26,240 fdc.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            34,944 fips.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            19,712 flpydisk.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            12,160 fsvga.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             7,936 fs_rec.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           125,056 ftdisk.sys
11/03/2003  12:47 PM             9,760 GEARAspiWDM.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM         3,440,660 gm.dls
03/31/2003  04:00 AM               646 gmreadme.txt
11/18/2002  05:20 PM            30,976 gv3.sys
09/24/2002  11:56 AM            22,400 hidbth.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            34,560 hidclass.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            23,680 hidparse.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             9,600 hidusb.sys
03/13/2003  12:19 PM           164,736 HSFHWICH.sys
03/13/2003  12:17 PM           622,592 HSF_CNXT.sys
03/13/2003  12:15 PM         1,106,944 HSF_DP.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            51,072 i8042prt.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            39,808 imapi.sys
06/30/2003  03:35 PM            29,952 ip6fw.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            32,896 ipfltdrv.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            19,584 ipinip.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            79,488 ipnat.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            57,984 ipsec.sys
08/29/2002  04:00 AM            10,496 irenum.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            35,840 isapnp.sys
12/18/2003  01:00 PM            12,953 itchfltr.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            23,424 kbdclass.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            13,952 kbdhid.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           159,360 kmixer.sys
12/12/2002  12:14 AM           130,304 ks.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            79,744 ksecdd.sys
12/17/2003  09:50 AM            14,095 LCCFLTR.SYS
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             7,680 mcd.sys
11/17/2004  09:00 AM            15,781 mdc8021x.sys
12/11/2002  09:22 AM            11,044 mdmxsdk.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            62,208 mf.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             4,224 mnmdd.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            28,800 modem.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            22,016 mouclass.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            12,160 mouhid.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            37,504 mountmgr.sys
07/09/2004  04:26 AM            15,104 mpe.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            67,200 mqac.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           172,672 mrxdav.sys
11/18/2002  11:27 AM           392,576 mrxsmb.sys
07/09/2004  04:26 AM            52,096 msdv.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            18,048 msfs.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            33,792 msgpc.sys
12/12/2002  12:14 AM             7,424 mskssrv.sys
12/12/2002  12:14 AM             5,248 mspclock.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             4,608 mspqm.sys
12/12/2002  12:14 AM             5,504 mstee.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           104,064 mup.sys
07/09/2004  04:26 AM            83,968 nabtsfec.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           167,552 ndis.bad
08/29/2002  04:00 AM           167,552 ndis.sysnew
07/09/2004  04:26 AM            10,112 ndisip.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             9,600 ndistapi.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            12,288 ndisuio.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            87,552 ndiswan.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            38,016 ndproxy.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            33,152 netbios.sys
07/08/2003  04:48 PM           149,248 netbt.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            57,984 nic1394.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            12,032 nikedrv.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            38,272 nmnt.sys
06/07/2002  10:38 AM            34,698 nmwcd.sys
06/07/2002  10:39 AM             6,028 nmwcdc.sys
06/07/2002  10:39 AM             7,470 nmwcdcm.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            29,568 npfs.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           561,920 ntfs.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             2,944 null.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            12,416 nwlnkflt.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            32,512 nwlnkfwd.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            84,864 nwlnkipx.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            63,232 nwlnknb.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            55,936 nwlnkspx.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           156,544 nwrdr.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            55,680 ohci1394.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             3,456 oprghdlr.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            37,504 p3.sys
03/08/2001  07:10 AM             6,064 palmcm.sys
03/08/2001  07:10 AM            57,760 palmusb.sys
07/28/2003  08:11 PM            16,772 PalmUSBD.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            76,032 parport.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            18,688 partmgr.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             6,784 parvdm.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            62,976 pci.sys
11/19/2001  07:05 PM             3,972 PciBus.sys
11/16/2001  04:23 PM             9,474 PciBus.vxd
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             3,328 pciide.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            23,680 pciidex.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           115,712 pcmcia.sys
06/28/2002  05:21 PM            17,251 PELMOUSE.SYS
07/24/2001  09:34 AM             7,520 PELUSBlf.SYS
04/17/2004  08:34 PM             9,856 pfc.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           134,272 portcls.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            30,592 processr.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            66,048 psched.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            17,792 ptilink.sys
10/28/2003  02:02 AM            20,016 pxhelp20.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             8,832 rasacd.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            48,384 rasl2tp.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            38,912 raspppoe.sys
10/01/2002  05:52 PM            46,208 raspptp.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            16,512 raspti.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            34,432 rawwan.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           163,328 rdbss.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             4,224 rdpcdd.sys
08/29/2002  12:06 AM           182,400 rdpdr.sys
08/29/2002  04:00 AM           115,976 rdpwd.sys
08/28/2002  05:27 PM            56,576 redbook.sys
09/24/2002  11:56 AM            52,992 rfcomm.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            12,032 rio8drv.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            12,032 riodrv.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           200,064 RMCast.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            27,648 rndismp.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             5,888 rootmdm.sys
12/01/2003  11:33 PM             7,127 SAVRT.CAT
12/02/2003  02:00 PM               616 SAVRT.INF
09/18/2003  01:47 PM           235,744 SAVRT.SYS
12/01/2003  11:33 PM             7,133 SAVRTPEL.CAT
12/02/2003  02:00 PM               632 SAVRTPEL.INF
09/18/2003  01:47 PM            35,552 SAVRTPEL.SYS
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            38,528 sbp2port.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            90,240 scsiport.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            27,440 secdrv.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            14,976 serenum.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            62,464 serial.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            10,496 sfloppy.sys
01/28/2004  11:03 AM            21,456 SilvrLnk.sys
07/09/2004  04:26 AM            10,880 slip.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            14,592 smclib.sys
03/14/2003  02:22 PM           256,267 Snyunif.cty
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            24,448 sonydcam.sys
11/09/2000  07:15 PM            48,896 SonyNC.sys
08/20/2002  11:59 AM            71,961 SonyPI.sys
10/09/2001  02:39 PM            29,440 SoP1kUSB.sys
08/28/2002  05:32 PM             5,888 splitter.sys
08/29/2002  04:00 AM            69,248 sr.sys
03/28/2003  11:54 AM           322,048 srv.sys
07/09/2004  04:27 AM            48,512 stream.sys
07/09/2004  04:26 AM            14,976 streamip.sys
12/12/2002  12:14 AM             4,096 swenum.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            54,272 swmidi.sys
10/15/2004  04:24 PM            11,040 symdns.sys
08/16/2003  12:22 AM            82,136 SYMEVENT.SYS
10/15/2004  04:24 PM           171,424 symfw.sys
10/15/2004  04:24 PM            34,496 symids.sys
07/01/2004  10:23 PM           170,208 SymIDSCo.sys
10/15/2004  04:24 PM            46,208 symndis.sys
10/15/2004  04:15 PM                20 SymRedir.cat
10/15/2004  04:15 PM             1,133 SymRedir.inf
10/15/2004  04:24 PM            25,824 symredrv.sys
10/15/2004  04:24 PM           266,432 symtdi.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            56,832 sysaudio.sys
05/13/2004  09:11 PM            23,552 tapdrvr.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            13,824 tape.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           332,928 tcpip.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           196,288 tcpip6.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            16,256 tdi.sys
08/29/2002  04:00 AM            11,144 tdpipe.sys
08/29/2002  04:00 AM            20,232 tdtcp.sys
08/29/2002  02:46 AM            38,024 termdd.sys
02/04/2004  06:27 AM            49,536 tiehdusb.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            51,712 tosdvd.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            21,376 tsbvcap.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             9,856 tunmp.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            64,000 udfs.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           137,088 update.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            11,136 usb8023.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            23,808 usbcamd.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            23,936 usbcamd2.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            28,160 usbccgp.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             4,736 usbd.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            19,328 usbehci.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            51,968 usbhub.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            15,232 usbintel.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM           135,552 usbport.sys
08/29/2002  12:50 AM            24,960 usbprint.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            21,760 usbstor.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            19,328 usbuhci.sys
12/19/2001  09:45 AM             8,576 VCdRom.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            58,112 vdmindvd.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            19,712 vga.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            70,912 videoprt.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            49,152 volsnap.sys
06/11/2003  05:06 AM         2,477,952 w70n51.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            33,280 wanarp.sys
01/10/2003  05:13 PM            33,588 wanatw4.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            77,440 wdmaud.sys
08/28/2002  09:59 PM           154,624 wlluc48.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM             4,352 wmilib.sys
09/22/2004  06:46 PM            18,944 wpdusb.sys
03/31/2003  04:00 AM            12,032 ws2ifsl.sys
07/09/2004  04:26 AM            18,688 wstcodec.sys
06/27/2003  10:05 AM           205,440 yacxgc.sys
             257 File(s)     23,552,738 bytes
               4 Dir(s)     164,225,024 bytes free
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Fairly certain this is your problem's source:

Rename the mdc8021x.sys driver to mdc8021x.bad and then put the ndis driver back.  As the link above states, this is related to 802.1x networking - wireless - it's causing the problem.  Note the file date is the same as your question, only 12 hours earlier.  My guess is you did some kind of update (or Windows did some automatic update or the wireless software for the wireless card did some kind of update) and this "updated" driver was installed.  Next thing you knew, you couldn't boot.  

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SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
So is there a way to get wireless workign again?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Post the make/model of the wireless card.  I'd use OLDER drivers and not the new ones.  Or get a different wireless card.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
D-Link DWL G630 Thansk a million
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
I just bought this wireless card. I will certainly not buy a new one so if oyu can I would love it if you know where to get older wireless drivers.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You can download the driver from the dlink web site or try the one with the CD that shipped with the card.  (they should be the same).  If the problem occurs again, you know how to fix it.. but then I'd be contacting Dlink.
SkyvanManAuthor Commented:
Okay thanks a ton for your help.
Although the case is closed, I searched google and find a hit failing at nids.sys and the time stamp of the module is the same.


Hope it can help you
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Actually, cpc - that link is to this question.
I'm sorry the following is the correct url.
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