Best method to connect remotely from hotel

I am having a problem educating users how to connect to company mail and files while they are in a Hotel.  All hotels have a different method of connectivity.  Some use 9, some use 8, some have high speed internet, some make you connect through t-mobile, some block ports etc....
My users are computer illiterate, they need to be able to click an icon and be connected to home office.  I have VPN ablility, but that doesn't work at some hotels.  I have webmail but that doesn't have a user friendly contact list.  I have US robotics dial in modems, but they only receive 24k.
I have no problem when I get to a hotel but they do.  Should I use a 3rd party 1800 dial up service?  Has anyone esle had any similar experiences?

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I don't know what to tell you. I'm sitting in a hotel right now, happily connected to my company network checking email, with a drive mapped to the server. The majority of hotels are 'vpn friendly'
You might look into outsourcing the connectivity. MCI and AT&T both have corporate dial/VPN solutions with one icon to click for connectivity..

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They also just came out with a travel wireless router. They would connect the cable from the hotel and plug into that then they could use the wireless in the whole room.
What email server are using?  This solution may not be feasible or of any interest to you, but the OWA that comes with Exchange 2003 is a more full featured client than the Exchange 2000 OWA client so you may like the contact layout better.  This would, however, only address you email issue and not all the features of a vpn connection.
What I have done is configured the clients to another port for email, because some hotles block SMTP, and require you use their email server (Which is so frigging retarded)

I also setup webmail access and imported their address books to the webserver.

Last is I set them up 3 netzero dial up accounts, when all else failed, all the users that travel have the user names and passwords to those accounts... (They normally do not have to use them but its their just in case)

What email server are you using? that might help find a decent solution to your question.


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