Computer shuts down

I have an ausu A7N8X-E Deluxe Motherboard, A 500 watt power supply, five fans running, an ati 9600 video card, and a soundblaster audiology zs card, with an amd xp 2800 chip.  Now, I turn on the computer and it boots into windows...then I can run it and the temp stays at about 48 celcius.  I then will run two or three programs or run it for a few minutes and it shuts down.  Then i have to turn off the power supply and restart the computer which most of the time it won't get all the way to windows before it shuts off again.  I contacted Asus and they said that I should take it out of the case and run it free standing to test for grounding and to make sure it wasn't heat related.  I took it out and did this.  I ran it hard as i could and got the temp up to 56 Celcius and had no problems.  They then told me to use black electrical tape and put it over the holes of the standoffs or any metal touching the computer.  So I did this, and then put it back in the case.  Low and behold it did the same thing as before....what do you think the problem is?
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Right click my computer and select properties, select advanced and select startup and recovery setting, de-select "automatically restart" in the system failure option down the bottom. This shoul dgive us a BSoD (blue screen of death) next time it happens, simply right down thi sinformation and post it here for analysis.

If it doesn't happen, check your voltages in cmos setup, and also check to see if you power cable is secure in the power supplies box connection. Change to a 400 Watt PSU(power supply unit) if you can. Check you power pack where you plug your system to, check your clipsal switch to see if it's your PC overloading your houses power supply.

If it all worked outside the pc, it may be a touching a power connector in the system when its back in the case. Make sure no power line is touching anything metal on the board or case, have a good look.

Good Luck.
Sounds like you have inadequate case ventilation. If your cpu temp climbed to 56 outside the case, then it is going to be much warmer inside a closed case, unless you have very good case ventilation. Even a good cpu cooler will fail if the heat is not removed from the case. Consider reseating the HSF with some ArcticSilver thermal compound.
Some possibilities :
Did you put arctic silver on the processor?
When you put it in the case, are there any PCI boards added? remove these for testing
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I have seen this scenario on couple of PCs. This is a Problem with the Bios Revision. I would like to know if you have come across this only after updating the Bios or not. Note that by just Upgrading or Downgrading the Bios would resolve the issue. If that does not fix the below statements holds good.

Even after changing the Bios version, If the Only chance of Starting your PC is by Pulling out the POwer Cord and then reattaching it, then we have a possible Suspect. Its the Power Supply Unit. If you notice, when the system Shuts down, it is very likely that that the Power Light on the System Box would be something like blinking Amber. Also I would like to know if the system would start straight away if you reseat the Power Cord. I mean the second it Shuts down, if you reseat the Power cord, would it start or just shuts down in a few seconds.

In most cases, an improperly fitted processor heatsink can bring about this problem. But in that case you can power on the machine straightway. But again it would shut down in seconds. Never need to reseat the Power Cord in this case. But definetly in this case we have a Faulty PSU.

Hope this Helps

Check also you did not put a standoff extra where there should be none

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