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Hyperlink target to a Cell of a Table

Is it possible, just using HTML (or even a simple java script) to have the target of a hyperlink be a cell in a table?  My goal is to have the hyperlink change the contents of a cell upon being clicked.
1 Solution
//try this simple example by Antithesis. The key here is the getElementById function.
//Once you give each cell an id you could reference it in whatev'r way you want
<script language="javascript">
function getobj(g_elm)  {
    if (document.all) return document.all[g_elm];
    if (document.layers) return document.layers[g_elm];
    if (!document.all && document.getElementById) return document.getElementById(g_elm);
function chng(c_el, c_tx)  {
    getobj(c_el).innerHTML = c_tx;
<table name="myTable" border="1">
<tr name="TheRow">
  <td id="TheCell">My cool text</td>
  <td>Another Text</td>

<a href="javascript:chng('TheCell', 'New text')">change</a>
Three options:

1.  If you just want to target teh cell to insert some text or an image then you bring them in with the original page in a hidden layer and then then swap the nodes from the onclick event of the link.  Using the onclick event means Jaascript must be enable.

2.  Use XMLHTTP with a lot of scripting.  This will equire not just JavaScript support, but for IE will also requie active x support.

3.  Put an iframe in the cell and target that.  Pure HTML.

3 is my preferred option and would work like this:

<td><iframe name="targetF" src=""></iframe></td>

The link would look like:
<a href="blah.html" target="targetF">click for blah</a>


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