App I wrote - exits with error "/usr/myprog/ line 83: 438 Killed ./myprog"


I've got a linux application, which has suddenly started to exit with th

/usr/myprog/ line 83: 438 Killed ./myapp

Its just started happening laterly, probably due to a program code change in C++. Any ideas on how I could diagnose which line of code is causing this ? Or what is causing this ?

myapp is a 20,000 line program I wrote in C++, calls it
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What's the line 83 in your
If that's a bourne ot bash shell, then put
#!/bin/bash -x    <=== -x for debugging shell script

For C code, you need to compile it with -g (debug) flag and run it with gdb (Gnu debugger).

I think for C++ program issue, you might want to post to :



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Risky101Author Commented:
line 83 simply calls "myapp"

I'll attempt to try gdb.

What does the 438 in "438 Killed" mean? Am I correct in assuming that 438 is the process number?

It's obvious that the script is obscuring the source of the problem .   can you complile this c++ code on it's own and run it as a binary to see what happens ?  Then from there , put clues in your code to see where it's acting up ?  Does it cause these problems on other systems ?
Risky101Author Commented:
Thanks for this - I'll try some other techniques.
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