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RealOne Arcade

({[ RealOne Arcade was unable to install Game News because a digital signature could not be verified. This is possibly caused by a issue with cipher strength in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Please refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article Q261328 for more information at http://support.microsoft.com/directory/article.asp?id=Q261328 )}]

This is not the problem. I use Windows XP Professional ( IE 6 - 128 )  and I also installed certificates from http://crl.verisign.com/ and also checked the cryptography settings.

Realone Arcade readme.txt says it doesn't work for NT and may work for XP. If this problem is solved, if exists then I may be running it on XP too. I don't use any service packs. Please help.
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1 Solution
"This is not the problem"
meaning when you click help>about internet explorer, you see Cipher Strength: 128-bit already?

repair Internet Explorer - http://windowsxp.mvps.org/IEFIX.htm
way12goAuthor Commented:

For IE 6 Cipher Strength is 128 ( Default - I think so. ) I used to install RealOne Arcade in a different drive and without startmenu folder and quicklaunch. I searched for this problem many times and I saw an explanation in the RealOne Arcade site it self. It said that if I leave a space in the installation directory I will get cipher strength error. I didn't try install it in default folder and with all the default settings already ticked. ( Not so important and it seems foolish to think so. ) I used the tool you recommended and when I did it and tried to install IE it said that IE doesn't pass the " some " testing. ( something I didn't notice well - actually I just forgot - sorry ). I did it. I mean I used the tool and the above thing fallowed and then I installed RealOne Arcade in the default way. Silly again. It worked. No errors. There was a time when I asked a question for disabling the Windows XP Professional services. The title was " Services - Boon or Burden " and when I got the answer I felt it's too easy. It's how you look at the problem to reach the solution. Thankyou very much for the small, free and excellent tool. It's excellent because it worked. This is the highest number of points I am rewarding anyone ever. I am happy to do so and I hope the same with everyone who will find this solution and the best fix.

Can you jot down some other excellent tools? Please.

It's finally working.

This could have happened because I tried to install the IE from some other source instaed of the
original XP Professional CD. No.

It must be the new certificates [ http://crl.verisign.com/ ]I installed today morning. Old internet explorer or XP doesn't have them. I don't know where the problem is but it's not at all important. Thanks for the required solution. Too fast too good, good for me and good points for you, good for you too. See you soon. Goodbye.
way12goAuthor Commented:
This problem also occurs when RealOne Arcade is not installed in the default directory and RealOne Arcade didn't include this piece of information any where so I send them this info. This is my problem, my solution and my mistake. Any way IE fix would be of some help, some other time. Thankyou.

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