DNS and Active Directory Errors

I have a Netgear wireless 4 port router/switch that connects to the internet thru my cable modem and it has been working faultlessly for months.  I ahve the router setup to connect to my isp thru the modem and dynamically get assigned an IP and DNS servers.  As i said this system has caused me no errors in the past.

The other day i built a windows 2000 server and whacked it on the network as a web server for testing etc and again no problems.  the next day i installed active directory and DNS server on the server and the problems began.  All of the computers on the network now work fine for about 15 mins at a time and then they all get DNS errors for about 5 mins (meaning they cant resolve any names even local ones) then they go back to being fine for about 15 mins then get DNS errors etc.

my PC's dont use the server as the DNS server - all the computers including the server point to the router for DNS.  anyone have any idea what im doing wrong or whats going wrong?  I dont want my server to be a DNS server or DHCP server - its purely a web server.

thanks in advance
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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

If it's purely a web server why did you install Active Directory? If you really want the server to be only a webserver I recommend you run DCPromo again and remove the AD Domain.

Once you installed Active Directory you changed the requirements for the network, especially DNS.

Active Directory requires a DNS that supports Service Records, and it prefers a DNS that supports Dynamic Updates. It's unlikely that your router will be able to do either so you will get constant registration errors and general slow down as the server and clients look for something that isn't there.

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Dear Quintin you either have to demote the Server to Normal without AD

or do the following

On client computers give DNS as the IP of your server and Gateway as IP of your server setup
in the DNS Settings in your server add the forwarders of the ISP's DNS.

On the server the gateway should be the IP of the router and the dns should be the IP of the server not the ISP DNS.

Because if you want to use AD you have to do the above on the client computers otherwise it will loose connectvity from time to time.

Hope this helps let me know
Quintin79Author Commented:
Well the reason i wanted to have active directory on this server was so i could authenticate ftp users and http users.  i though AD was the only way that i could add users to a server box?
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Nope, you can add them locally.

At present you'll find access to those local accounts is impossible - however, that access will be available again in Computer Manager (from Administrative Tools) once the server is demoted to a member server.

You'll still be able to see the section for it in User Manager, it just won't let you do anything with it.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

er in Computer Manager I mean, getting a bit late here :)
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