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My desktop PC is set up on broadband but i've recently purchased a laptop.  I thought that i'd networked the laptop correctly but i can only surf the internet from my home which is where my desktop PC is located if i try to use the laptop from any other location i cannot surf.  Please let me know where i went wrong.

Thanks from a frustrated person.....
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I assume you've networked your laptop with your desktop, and setup your laptop to use the desktops internet connection. So now your laptops settings are such that it will obtain an internet connection from your desktop.
How do you want to connect to the internet when you are away from home?

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dragonballzgtAuthor Commented:
I thought that i could maybe just plug the phone line into the laptop and any available phone socket.
Connecting your laptop to a phone socket won't connect your laptop to your desktop or to your braodband connection. If you have a modem in your laptop (sounds like you do), then for you to connect to the internet, you will need to organise a dial-up internet account with a service provider, then configure your laptop (using the internet connection wizard) to use the modem. Your broadband service provider may offer dial-up access, suggest you give them a call.
When you bring your laptop home, then you'll need to reconfigure your settings to use the connection provided by your desktop.
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your desktop is using broadband to access internet, and you want to share internet connection with your new laptop?
you need a crossover cable to connect both pcs

how to setup Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)? [very good for beginner, tutorial with print screen]
ops, sorry! i think i miss interpret ur question
ur house is using broadband..
>>>if i try to use the laptop from any other location i cannot surf
other location is using broadband too? or is dial up?
>>I thought that i could maybe just plug the phone line into the laptop and any available phone socket
Is this a modem?
there are two types of plugs that look similar (but are differeent sizes)
RJ-11 (phone, modem)
RJ-45 (network, dsl)
if you want to use dialup, you need a modem, and an account to an isp (you can use any phone jack, including a friends)
for dsl, you need a dsl modem, network cable (to connect the dsl modem to the computer), and you can not use any phone (like a friends) because the phone line connects directly with a dslam (special switch at the phone co).
Okay you need to setup a home network to do what you want.

I would get a 5 port hub -

If you want to share all machines over an internet connection use this one-

You will need CAT5 cables -

Have your Windows disks at hand before you start wiht any of this.

After you install the hardware, and configure the drivers for the network cards. Go to control pannel networks (Something like that, you will see the Icon) make sure all machines have the Protocol TCP/IP installed and set to DHCP.

Follow the quick start card that came with the router if you are planning to configure the all machines to reach the internet via the router.

If you are using the connection for just networking the machines set the IP address (Protocol TCP/IP) to (for the router),, and so on on each of the workstations, this will enable to you see and share resources between them and access the internet using one broadband device.

I hope that helps....

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