ncompact stop running all of sudden

Hi there

this happened 2nd time

i have define ncompact.exe program in program document under configuration tab to run twice a day , 1 during lunch time and 1 in night .

few months ago i noticed in log that ncompact program did not run at the specified time w/o any error msg in log.
neither in day nor in night.

no error nothing in log related to compact .

i restarted server and it start working normal
it has been working fine as i was used to check logs on and off  and now after several month, i have noticed same thing happen again , no error in log and compact did not work.

i restarted server and its ok

any one can comment or advice what could be the reason ?
this thing very irritating now .
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Check this link about Compact:

Yes. restarting is the correct process. Or Compact manually from console.

load compact
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
It might not be the compact task that is to blame for this behaviour, but the scheduling task that doesn't start the compacter. You could verify if it still works adding some normal command as a program, e.g. in Windows
    / /c echo "Works" >> /scheduler.log

Eh, I never tried this line, it's an educated guess :-$
Can you descibr your configuration ? And is this running on any specified databases ?

Secondly what is your server version ?

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descibr = describe
blackberrymsplAuthor Commented:
Hi to all
after restart its ok and compact did work yesterday afternoon in lunch and in night also , i am sure it will work for few more months. But..


Thanks for the link , i hv gone through it but does not relevant to my problem.

i belief restarting every time the server to fix my above problem is not viable.

Sjef bosman

i didn't notice that while compact not running whether Scheduler manager task is running or not .
but now i can see my all tasks , Schedule Manager is running.


to all databases

ncompact.exe   Mail\ -S 5 -c    04:20AM
ncompact.exe   Mail\ -S 5 -B    12:30PM

Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
If you use compact in a PROGRAM document (as you should do it), you mustn't use ncompact !

Try this

Program name : Compact
Options : (for instance : -S 5)

You should not use ncompact when using program documents - you will spawn external processes running outside of the control of the domino server (that's why you can't see anything in the log.nsf, if it logs anything, you should look in the Windows log/event viewer).  If you use compact, however, you will have it running nicely under control of the Domino server and it should never give you problems.  The only problem is that compact won't work on names.nsf and some other databases and not on open databases, but if you run it frequently enough, you won't have any problems)

1 last remark, I've found when using a program document, you can only define 1 option.  So I would have your nightly compact task run with -B, and maybe the task at midday run with -S 5



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blackberrymsplAuthor Commented:
Dear Tom thanks

 compact OR ncompact ?

i respect ur suggestion but

i was trying to use "compact" 1.5 years ago under program document but it did not work .

i called lotus support US they says , u cannot use compact , u must use ncompact.exe in ur program document and it has been working since then no problem .day also with -B and nite with -c both ok

this problem started just few month ago that it stop running all of sudden and when i restart server its running fine for next few months.

what u say now ?
what version of Notes and Server?
Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
I say now that it probably always had the same problem, but you rebooted in the past always in time to not notice the problem.

Lotus support is full of s*** if they tell you that you cannot use compact.  I've used this for OVER 4 years (4.6 -> 5 -> 6 -> 6.5).  What you can't do with compact, is work with names.nsf (and admin4.nsf), but ncompact won't work either : the server must be down.


Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Pretty strong language there, Tom :)
blackberrymsplAuthor Commented:
thats Nice Tom :) hahaha

i hv checked my yesterday log and its shows compact is running since last 3 days

04:20:37 AM  Running Program document for 'ncompact.exe Mail\ -S 5 -c'
11/20/2004 04:20:38 AM  Compacting Mail\atan.nsf (Alfred Tan)
11/20/2004 04:20:43 AM  Compacted  Mail\atan.nsf, 4096K bytes recovered (20%)

But still i  don't mind to try compact and let u know how it goes .

can i also drop u  mail at ur gwbasic address?

Bozzie4IT ArchitectCommented:
Well, as far as Lotus Support goes : sometimes you're lucky and you get really nice people with a good knowledge to help you (or they at least try very hard to find someone to help), but sometimes it's just like any other helpdesk .... It's probably not even their own fault , they just use the information they find on the web too :-)

Sure you can mail me about your own findings ...


blackberrymsplAuthor Commented:
Dear Tom
thanks for ur suggestion

i have changed to "compact" in my program document and it is working , anxious to see if this found to be a perm solution and stay longer than ncompact.exe. :-)

thanks and regards
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