452 Error "message rejected"

I get this 452 error when trying to send any email from a pc, whether I use Incredimail or outlook express and whether a new instance of either is created.

From what I've found out it suggests a problem with the ISP's smtp server and not the pc. However, the ISP (ntlworld, the UK Cable provider) say there is nothing wrong their end. I have tried turning off Zone Alarm without success.

Is there somewhere else I should be looking for a solution??

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Okay first can you just try sending a blank message to yourself.

Move any email you have from your 'outbox' out going queue, to drafts.

Then try sending the blank message to yourself (no subject, no body)

Most of the time that error means that the recipiant mailbox is full... Can you also check your setting to make sure that you have it configured 'NOT' to leave mail on the server.

If this is not the case I can give you a temp account on my email server that way we can check you machine out, see if its your box or your ISP.


dercossAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'll be able to get to the pc later today and try things out, again...

When you say send an email to myself, do you mean using the same email address from and to? Does this bypass the external mail server?


Nope it will still hit the the mail server, be tossed in your queue, and download by your mail client.

Just send a blank email to yourself.

do this :

telnet <name_of_server> 25

helo <a name>
mail from:<youremailaddress@isp.com>
rcpt to:<recipientemailaddress@isp.com>

after typing a line,the server responds with 220 OK when he accept the command
find out on wich line the server reply's with the 452 code

be sure that you have filled in the right smtp server.

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