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Drawing on a panel?

I am using Managed extensions for C++ in .NET. My program must draw some rectangles on a panel, that is in the main form. I am using "Graphics g=panel->CreateGraphics();" and then use this "g" in order to draw some stuff. How do I manage to erase all the painted stuff? Changing the background color of the panel is not a solution.
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Try panel->Refresh();
Works for me...most of the time ;)

Zdravko_MonovAuthor Commented:
Ok, this really works. But how do I save the image, after resizing, or minimizing the window? It seems to me, that everything is cleared after an opation such as opening a large menu, that hides most of the panel. I want to repaint the region, that was hidden, but how?
You can handle the Paint() event and do your drawing there.

      private: System::Void panel_Paint(System::Object *  sender, System::Windows::Forms::PaintEventArgs *  e)
                         System::Drawing::Pen* p = new System::Drawing::Pen(System::Drawing::Color::Coral);

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