Dfs links break if client pc disconnects / reconnects network... [Will increase points later]


I have setup a secenario like this:

- Windows 2000 Primary Domain Controller,
- Redirected Folders going to normal network shares in conjunction with offline files on client pcs,
- Dfs root on PDC with several links to shares on server,
- Logon scripts which map client drives to Dfs Links

Now all seemed ok, if a client pc got cut off from the network offline files kicked in etc. Then if you reconnected it sync's back up, and you can get back onto any shared folders on the server.

But, I can never get back onto any Dfs links, it throws and error saying it cannot connect to the drives which are mapped to the Dfs links. However if you just navigate through the network to the shared folders which the Dfs links actually point to you can get to them fine. Its just the actual link part of the Dfs links which are failing.

To get it back working you actually have to do a full reboot, even just logging off and back on again doesnt work :(

Is this normal??


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have a look at this http://kindel.com/blogs/charlie/archive/2004/04/20/259.aspx

hope that it helps
createnetworkAuthor Commented:
Well that wasnt the cure, eventually I found the answer... More by accident than anything!!

Basically I tried connecting a windows xp machine to the domain, and noticed that it worked fine on that!! Then when logging off I ntoiced it had added an extra folder to the online files sync process... The actual Dfs root share itself...

So if you have this setup as a offline folder it works!!


Then all is ok :)

- Carl S
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