Best wireless internet access option in Ireland

Hi All,

I'm currently living in Ireland and have been given the task of finding the best form of global wireless internet access.  We currently use GPRS and are billed from a network provider for the use of this per megabyte downloaded, or time taken (GSM).

I'm wondering if its best to just use a wireless card and set up an account with an ISP to access their waps?  However, I'm not sure which ISP would provide the best coverage, and how much this would cost.  Maybe this isn't the way to go..

Anybody have any ideas?

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Have you tried (or heard of) Blackberry? It's a new 'always-on' internet connection accessible straight from compatible mobile phones or PDA's. You can get more information from the O2 website ( by looking for their Blackberry devices.

Hope this helps

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janereid21Author Commented:
Hi yes I have,

However, they want to be able to access the internet from their laptop.  I think Blackberry's may also use the gprs system??

thanks for your reply.  Much appreciated.

Hi Jane,

Find a Blackberry phone with Infrared or Bluetooth and you have a way to connect to your laptop. It may not be the best solution in the world, but it's certainly one avenue to explore. Also, take a look at Vodafone's high-speed data card which plugs into the laptop directly (I think it's basically a 'PCMCIA Mobile Phone' as it accepts a SIM card if memory serves me).

More info should be on the Vodafone website ( however you may get more luck by calling up their business services team and asking them about their 'high speed internet connection card' for laptops.

Hopefully someone there will know what you mean :)

I believe it too uses GPRS, but apparently it's faster and more reliable than all the others.

I hope this helps....
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While I think of it, if you have wireless capability (802.11b or 802.11g) then you can try downloading a piece of software called Boingo from Basically it's a huge constantly changing database of wireless access points (WAPs). It'll let you connect to any open network it finds, but for a monthly fee I think you can take advantage of any of boingo's 'corporate' access points - and I believe they have these all over the globe.

It's probably best to check out their website and see if there are any access points near you that you'd be able to utilise before you subscribe though!

Just another idea!
Hi janereid21,

I am pleased I was able to help. All the best.

janereid21Author Commented:

I went with an Aircard with GPRS roaming capabilities from 02.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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