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I have an ATX motherboard that has the standard 20 pin power supply connector and it also has a square 4 pin power connector. The manual says it's not necessary to plug the power supply to this 4 pin connector. I was wondering what the 4 pin connector is for and would it hurt to plug the power supply to it anyway.

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My understanding is that it provides supplemental power to Pentium 4 processors, because they draw a lot of current.  I have seen situations where it was not plugged in and there were no troubles, but it will alsmot certainly depend on if you experience any problems without it.  Of course, you should consult the MoBo manufacturer for the final word on.
if there is a separate 4-pin plug on the motherboard, and you have a 20 pin power plug, you need it. It is only in the case you have a 24-pin power supply plug that you would not need it
It is to provide sufficient power to the CPU. It is not just P4, but also high end Athlon mobos that require this connector. It basically allows more current to flow to the CPU than a standard old fashioned mobo would.  I would be very surprised if it would even power up to the POST screen if this 4 pin plug was not connected.

Hope this helps

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