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Hi there

I will have a VB.NET application running on client PCs that connect to a sql server database that's hosted on the internet (via the hoster's web server). My plan is to use a web service for communication between the VB.NET client and the sql database on the internet. The web service will run on the hoster's web server.

I would like to replace my ADO.NET code with the component's code, with minimum work.

My questions are:
1. Is this do-able?
1. Would it be best to create the webservice myself using ASP.NET/VB.NET (I've worked with it a few months on and off, so know my way around these), or should I get a web service from a third-party?
2. If the answer to the above is 'third-party', what are the best products in terms of usability and cost?

To complete the picture, I should say that this will be a front-end for my admin-users. This is an existing complex interface (written in MSAccess) that I think will I can convert to VB.NET. My standard users will have a different interface created using ASP.NET.

Thanks in advance...
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dalsandhuAuthor Commented:
Have found a couple of great resources on web services for sql. After reading these I'm convinced that that I'm going to create a web service to encapsulate the sql data. My VB.NET and ASP.NET apps can then use the same webservice...


I think that's my questions answered unless anyone has anything useful to add?
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