how to change the cursor to an hour-glass

hi all,
in VB.NET i have 2 radio buttons, one is already selected. When i select the other one the buttons event triggers some code that connects to the databse and this takes a while..

how can i change the cursor to an hour-glass while the page is loading and then change it back to normal when it is finished?

Thanks a lot
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Bob LearnedCommented:
Me.Cursor = Cursors.WaitCursor


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Bob LearnedCommented:
Ooh, I just thought of something:  ASP.NET or WinForms?  

"while the page is loading..."

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phillllAuthor Commented:
winforms it is

can i just through this at you before i go for lunch?

i get an error:
Specified argument was out of the
range of valid values.

with this

If > 0 Then
                lv.Items(iSelected).Selected = True
                lv.Items(iSelected).Focused = True
            End If

on this line:
lv.Items(iSelected).Selected = True

where lv is a listview
iSelected = 1393 and  = 1390

any ideas?

i'll increase the points if it is answered.
Thanks again
how can iSelected be greater than

check iSelected value where you are changing it and dont let it exceed count.. or add a condition to if statment which checks the iselected <
phillllAuthor Commented:
sorry i meant to say = 1393

ahh yes cos' i guess if = 1393
then it can only hold 1392 elements

does a listview start from an index of '0'?
Bob LearnedCommented:
Yes, most things in VB.NET are zero-based.  ListBox items is one of those.

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