Statistics on e-mail client usage available?

As you probably know, the statistics of how the market of webbrowsers is devided, are widely available.
I am looking for statistics on how the e-mail client market is divided.
We are developing a software package that must intergrate in the most populair e-mail clients used on Windows and Mac.
Does anyone know if these statistics are available anywhere?
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Not likely, because your email client will connect to just 1 or 2 servers for 99% of the population.  Web browers go all over the place, of course.  You can probably get download statistics, but there's no telling how accurate they'd be.

I can tell you now though, simply from working in this market:

Windows: Outlook express, Outlook, Eudora (was a few years ago at least), Mozilla Thunderbird
Linux: Mozilla Thunderbird, KDE Mail (kmail), Gnome mail (Gmail)
Mac: thunderbird again, whatever's specific to mac's, and there's a version of MS office (outlook) for MAC's as well

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The Mac version of outlook is called Entourage.  The most popular windows client is likely to be Outlook express, as mentioned above, just because it is built into every copy of Windows... again in agreement with above, Outlook is probably second most popular.  Eudora is fading out quickly, with Thunderbird probably starting to take over for third place.

Pretty much just re-voicing zero's comments here.
NielsPepperAuthor Commented:
No body answerd my queston, it can be closed on my part.
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How did we not answer your question?  There is such an answer as "no you can't do that."  There are no "statistics" for email clients, unless they are gathered by people reporting to surveys... and I don't much trust surveys.

You can get stats on web sights because every time you view a page, your browser reports in on what it is, etc.  Email clients don't do that, not in a standardized way.

>> We are developing a software package that must intergrate in the most populair e-mail clients used on Windows and Mac

The most popular client on the Windows side is Outlook Express.  How do we know?  Windows has *at least* half of the total market share, and I'd say the vast majority of those users do not venture out to find alternate software that is already provided in their Windows Install.  We can thus deduce that Outlook Express has the biggest market share on the PC side.  The next client would be Outlook, as Office is the most popular suite for businesses, etc.

On the mac side, I can't help you because I'm not a Mac user.  I know Entourage is becoming popular but I don't believe it has full market share yet.

What more of an answer do you need?
heh, i usually dont bother jonnyz ;)
Also Niels, to point another thing out:

<<  No body answerd my queston, it can be closed on my part. >>

Two people posted, fairly extensively.  We are not here to read your mind.  If you want clarification, more information, or are generally not satisfied with the support that the experts have tried to provide, you need to tell us that so we can try to help you.  Experts-Exchange is not a place to post a question and then delete it without communicating to the experts because you didn't get the answer you wanted.

Mod: I am flatly against deleting this question or refunding points here.  The question asked was answered in full here.  If the author is not satisfied with our comments, I expect them to communicate that so we can work further.

~ Jonny
<<  heh, i usually dont bother jonnyz ;) >>

Zero - neither do I, usually.  I have already left this site once because of generally getting mad at the way questions were handled and the way the "smaller" experts were treated.  I missed learning here, and trying to help others, so I am back.  This time around, I'm not going to keep quiet when I disagree with something...

I also don't feel well today  ;)   I would have said the same thing otherwise, but I probably would have been a little nicer about it
Hope your feeling better today Jonny :-).

(Just because I tell someone the correct proceadure to start the deletion process doesn't mean the qeustion will be deleted.  If the actually start it a Mod will review the question and post allowing 4 days for objections and then review all objections)


Thanks, I am feeling much better today  :o)

No problem on the procedure, I was just a bit surprised at the author's comments in that "No one answered the question" and they even wanted the refund.  Thanks for understanding.

~ Jonny
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