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Hello. I would like to install a software for the discussion of various topics at the university where I work. Does anybody know of a software runing under GPL that do that?
Juan Carlos
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do you have access to a webserver with PHP and mysql database?  or can you build one?
there are a lot of forum discussion boards that are already written and vetted,

there are a lot of them to choose from.

I happen to like phpbb2

its used a lot in the open source community.  its robust, and has a lot of nice features, platform independant and its free....


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You could use a mailing list like Mailman


Or newsgroup server theres loads do a search for NNTP

If you want real time how about an irc (internet relay chat) server?


Jabber isn't too bad for IM stuff.
juancAuthor Commented:
I would a software with a frontend something like the one used by "experts-exchange"  for the discussion of each topic separated from the others.
What could be the appropiate software for this purpose?
Juan Carlos

if you want  a system somewhat like what you see here on experts exchange then you are looking for a web based forum/bulletin board system.

the best that I can come up with are
Punbb,      http://www.punbb.org/
 Minibb,       http://www.minibb.net/
 Phpbb,       http://www.phpbb.com/

if you want something like what you see here, you'll need a webserver with PHP and a mysql database backend.  the setup on these are fairly straight forward.
there are also demo's on the various websights so you can check them out,  and you can put a
custom skin on them, so you can make them look however you want.

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