WAN redundancy with a T1 as primary and VPN as secondary.

I have 2 locations that are connected with a T1 using 3640's. These locations used to be connected with VPN using a Cisco 520 at the head end and a 506 at the satellite location.

We went with a dedicated T1 but I would like to use the VPN for failover and I want it to be dynamic.  I tried using floating statics at our Nortel L3 core but that did not work when the T1 went down in the cloud but still showed up as up/up in the routers.

I was thinking of using a routing protocol on the WAN and then a static with a higher cost that pointed to the Cisco Pix if the T1 went down. I need to know 1) will this work and 2) what is the best routing protocol? Currently I am using static routing. I was leaning towards EIGRP but I am being pushed to use OSPF.  I think that OSPF is a bit overkill for only 2 locations.  Note: the ip schema is 10.100.x.x at location 1 and 10.130.x.x at location 2.

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My suggestion would be to use OSPF, mainly because the PIX can also participate in the OSPF process and it can be completely seemless..neither the Nortel nor the PIX can speak EIGRP


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mmahaneyAuthor Commented:
Yep...You are right. I have accomplished it with floating static routes but that doesn't take into consideration if the line protocol stays up while there is a issue with the T1 in the cloud and not at the pop.

I did not think about the core and the pix being able to play together in a OSPF solution.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Mike M
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