Enabling Integrated windows authentication gives "The page cannot be found"

hello experts,

my system: WinXP sp2, IIS 5.1

i've got cognos (reporting tool), it supports Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA). When i enable anonymous access and IWA on my IIS, it still asks me for login and pass.
when i disable anonymous login, it gives me an error "The page cannot be found" instead of auto-logging in or prompting for login/pass.
few days ago everything was working fine. I did not messed with configuration, i just noticed today that it stopped working. any ideas?
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It reads data from some windows folders,  where you probably changes access rights.
Most likely there were permissions for anomynous user to access these folders and now there are no such permissions.
tigrine_smiltpeleAuthor Commented:
i don't think this is the case - i always log in as administrator.
Even if you enable Anonymous access to your Web Site, it still means that the Web Site accesses the NTFS Directories with IUSR_YOURPCNAME account.
Starting from Windows XP and Windows 2003 this account is no longer a part of the "Everyone" group.
It means that even if you have "Everyone" read permissions on the NTFS directory, it does not mean that Anonymous Web account can access the path, hence it asks for a correct User/Password to be able to access it.

If you enable Anonymous - Make sure you specifically open NTFS rights for the Virtual Root Directory on the Drive.

When you disable Anonymous, please make sure you do not have proxy settings in your Web Browser, otherwise your account will not be authenticated.

When it tells "page not found", it means that you successfully passed through the first step of authentication and now have to configure the MIME extention or a Default Document to be Served by the IIS properly.

This reporting tool (cognos), what language is it written on?
Did you configure to allow "Execute" on the web folder and not just "read/script" permissions?
Did you configure default document to be displayed properly under the Documents Tab of the virtual path configuration?
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One other reason that I might think of is if you hardened the IIS 5.1 server with the Lockdown Web tool.
It blocks the scripting (if it was requested) executables and practically all the MIME extentions.
If you did execute the lockdown tool and hardened the Web Server, then you will need to manually allow asp,pl,php or whatever language this reporting tool is written on, to execute.
tigrine_smiltpeleAuthor Commented:
it looks like i found the cause - when i login to my computer via remote desktop connection and try to open browser on the same PC, it gives me this error, but when i open same page from other computers directy (via browser) it authenticates successfully.
The IIS Server might be behind the NAT?
There might be the browser connection configuration as well on the one that it locally to the web server.
tigrine_smiltpeleAuthor Commented:
i doubt that it's behind the NAT. both browsers are configured the same (default config). when i get to work tomorrow, i'll try connect directly (not via remote desktop) and see what will happen
tigrine_smiltpeleAuthor Commented:
i've found a solution - restarting pc. from time to time this problem appears again, then i simply restart

i would like to close this question
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