2 exchange servers.. need 1 webmail site

I have 2 exchange servers located at 2 sites. Users are in 1 admin group on 2 stores located on each server
I've setup webmail on both servers and users can login on both servers and check their mail from the webmail
Now if a user storage is on exchange1 and he logs to exchange2 webmail, after he authenticates the first time he gets redirected to the secong webmail url and gets a second login prompt, that's the first issue..
2nd issue for users logging from the internet i will need this way to setup 2 urls for each mail server..
This is not practical.. especially if i scale up to n amout of exchange servers.. I need a way to set only 1 webmail server.. I feel this is possible but need from you guys the correct pointer..

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Michel SakrAsked:
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Michel SakrAuthor Commented:
By Webmail I mean OWA
Michel SakrAuthor Commented:
I read that I can do it by setting a 3rd server as a front end server.. now is it possible to make 1 of the 2 servers a front end server? so it will service mailboxes on the front end and the 2nd server?

what version of exchange do you have? you can only do FE, BE servers if you have Exchange Enterprise.

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David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Well, in E2K that's true, but in E2K3, FE servers can be Standard edition. The bad news is that an FE cannot host mailboxes, so neither of your current servers can be the FE. But yes, a front end server could handle the single point for proxying OWA.


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It will have to be a dedicated Front-end server as well. A server with mailboxes cannot be a front-end server.

Michel SakrAuthor Commented:
That's what I thought..
I have Win2k3 enterprise
sorry, neglected to clarify that...

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