AMD XP and respective RAM upgrade

My current system:
AMD Athlon 1.33 GHz, 2x256 MB 2100 DDR RAM (4 slots in total on Mobo).
Motherboard: Gigabyte 7NNXP, supports up to AMD XP 3200

My plan:
AMD XP 3200 and eventually 2GB of Memory (DDR 3200).

Now my question:

Since I cannot spend so much money at the moment I would like to go step by step. I would first like to buy the AMD XP 3200 and in a few months get additional RAM.
Will my old 2100 RAM with its slower frequency (systembus of 133MHz I believe) slow the processor down though (which could run on 200MHz systembus or 400MHz FSB)? i.e. will the CPU run on a slower FSB because of the old RAM which basically means that the system speed is governed by the slowest component present (the old RAM in my case)?

Or will the CPU run at it's 400MHz FSB and the RAM on its 266???

Any help is appreciated

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If you go into your advanced chipset features in the BIOS there is a "MEMORY FREQUENCY" setting which can be changed from 100% (same as FSB) downwards. If you set this to Auto (or 66%) you should be able to run the memory on a 133 clock and the cpu on 200.

Hope this helps


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